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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Huge Push, and Huge Congrats to "Artis"!!!

The people are speak'n and we hear them, ARTIS! ARTIS! ARTIS! RAISING THE BAR is 3,555 downloads and counting! Congrats to Artis, @Jqjbeezy, and the BNE artists Ming, Madison Kaine, @MadisonKaine on twitter, Laz, @LAZAJAUNSMUSICK on twitter and Big Tone @Bt0nE on twitter. And much love to James Barber, @Jbizhollywood on Twitter, and my dude Thomas.

Lastly, Artis and I attended another seminar, with the one and only, HipHop Legend, MC Lyte as some of you may have seen the first seminar we attended on "Before The Fame Ep. 13". We spoke to her afterwards again and this time personally gave her a hard copy of the mixtape, and she said that she would play it as soon as she got in the car. Much love and respect to her and we thank her creating a great path for us to follow no matter if you are a female or male MC.

Thank You again MC Lyte, and everyone out there that took the time to listen. Thank You all for the love and support, we greatly appreciate it. Let's keep it going, tell everyone, if you can comment, and leave feedback please do so! Thanks again.-Nahsla, @NahSla03 on Twitter.

Artis - Raising The Bar (For PC)

Artis - Raising The Bar (For MAC)

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