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Friday, February 12, 2010

Real Recognize Real Video Shoot Begins today at 12pm. The first video shoot for the Raising the Bar Mixtape!

Today we begin shooting the Official Music Video for the song "Real Recognize Real" and it is the first Music Video for the Raising The Bar Mixtape, (Track 10) in particular. Artis (Jaquan Barnett) and Big Tone (Anthony Soil) will be on set in the studio and at certain locations having fun and creating art with the great director "Duno" of Dusome Productions. Please stay tuned for a special access granted and Before the Fame Episode 14 with special behind the scenes footage of the amazing journey of Beautiful Noize Entertainment. Thanks to all that continues to support, we have so much to give with the talent that God gave us and we will keep you updated throughout the process! If you have not all ready, again go get the Raising the Bar mixtape, links are provided below and check out LazaJaun's new music video and single "Ur So Gonna Miss Me" below as well. He is also featured on "Beaches", (Track 6) on the RTB mixtape as well. Thanks again. (BNE)

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