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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Watch the NEW "Coke Commercial Spec" Directed by Nick Martin. Producers DuNo Tran & Steven Lam of (DSP) & Starring Artis, Ming, Y.J Gold and More!

Synopsis: An older gentleman tries to exercise at a local park and gets discouraged that he's physically past his prime. However, with the assistance of Coke, he re-energizes his life!

Directed by Nicholas Martin
Produced by Steven Lam, DuNo Tran

- Mike Agresta: Older Gentleman
- Christopher Troy: Younger Gentleman
- Gig Glynn: Woman w/ Coke
- Melanie Shomo: Jogger
- Steve Guistolise: Workout Strong Man
- Y.J Gold: Study Group Member 1
- Jaquan Barnett: Study Group Member 2
- Ming Chun Louie: Study Group Member 3

Music: Shin-B - "Gotta Move, Gotta Groove"

We definitely had a great time, appreciate the collaborations always and glad to support others being productive. We would def like to thank the entire cast that assisted and was apart of this. Met a lot of great people and will definitely remain in contact with you. Hope you all watching enjoy the commercial. (BNE)