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Friday, April 22, 2011

New B.N.E Article: Crowd Astonished By Students and Hip Hop Label by Perpetua Romain, Editor-In-Chief and Bienvenido J. Mena of the Torch Newspaper!

Headline: Crowd Astonished By Students and Hip Hop Label
SubHeadline: “Black Student Union Presents: Beautiful Noize Entertainment” a Success

The Black Student Union’s Spring Hip Hop Concert has finally been realized. Club leaders came together to create the first inspirational concert produced for the students by the students. The Black Student Union (BSU) and the Student Activities Board (SAB) created a close knit team of workers ensuring the success and progression of the night’s occasion. The many high expectations of the students and main performers were met as the audience expressed pure excitement throughout the show. Indeed, the many capabilities of the students at Bergen Community College continue to grow each and every semester.

This collective effort of talented students, together with California music label, Beautiful Noize Entertainment (BNE), set themselves apart from the events held at Bergen as a new breed of student-enticing activities. The Spring Concert event was initiated to encourage the aspiring student artists of Bergen to showcase their endowments, with an opportunity to emulate the advanced musical experience that BNE exemplifies in their productions.

Director of Student Life, Nestor Melendez said, “This is the way that students should come together and have an eventful night for all.” Bergen may be a two year community college, but student produced events like this paves the way for its active student life to compare to that of a four year institution.

April 6, one day before the concert, Beautiful Noize Entertainment along with student Joey Taylor of Isaac’s Horizon, promoted themselves around campus and interacted with students. Taylor played his acoustic guitar in the cafeteria singing along with BNE label mate and R&B singer Quentin DeAngelo Warren, known as Q. Student, Chris Rowell spent time with them, joining them in a rap cypher; where a massive group of students freestyled in a large circle near the cafeteria. “I had a wonderful experience with them,” said Rowell. “They have a different mindset and it changes your perspective on music. These guys are respectful, intelligent and well educated people.”

The artists of BNE visited the members of the Black Student Union and presented their educational background, opening the floor to questions. BSU members engaged in conversation and inquired about the music industry, their journey within it and what career options are available to them as potential transfer students.

After a meet and greet between all the performing members, a massive preparation was in order, including sound checks, practice runs and the BSU/SAB staff organization. The concert commenced on Thursday, April 7 at 7:30 p.m.

The two amazing hosts, students Amanda “Amjay” Jimenez and Augusto Suarez III, really added energy to the concert. The show began with a step show lead by BCC’s Dance Club and their President, Precious Frazier. Students were impressed, because a step team at Bergen hasn’t been seen. “They were really amazing and well rehearsed,” said student Ronney Garcia.

Ensuing the step was Bergen’s own R&B sensation David Lomax, known as Lomax vi L’Avenir. Lomax’s first song, “Words Not Spoken” is also the name of his album, which drops May 3, 2011. After his first two songs, Lomax welcomed to the stage the last opening musicians, Isaac’s Horizon, for a collaboration act and stellar performance. Lomax sang alongside Amjay Jimenez and student rapper Randy Hale, known as BrandNewJersey. Amjay’s lovely vocals, BrandNewJersey’s verses along with the intense, skilled percussion sequence from Isaac’s Horizon drummer, Chris Gellar complimented Lomax and the crowd enjoyed every minute of the song.

The spotlight was given to Isaac’s Horizon, who performed a funky tune followed by a calming melodic composition. Student and lead guitarist Johnnez Pantinilla showed his amazing guitar skills that had everyone gasping. Taylor won the crowd over with his lead vocals, along with student Richard Maddolin playing bass. It was truly apparent that this band worked impressively hard on their music.

The time for the feature presentation arrived as the artists of Beautiful Noize Entertainment; Artis, Ming, Big Tone and Q took the stage as the audience welcomed them enthusiastically. BNE’s DJ, AlShan Barnett known as DJ NahSla carried the music, while their cinematographer DuNo Tran of DuSome Productions remained the man behind the camera.

They began with a tribute to their label mate Madison Kaine, who unfortunately could not be present. The rapid lyrical skills of Kaine were shown from a video of the artists advocating for HIV/AIDS awareness, as well as audio clips of his music. The audience connected instantly to BNE and stood up to Artis’ opening song, “Peace” from his mixtape, “Raising The Bar.”

Ming Chun Louie, BNE’s premier label mate and You-Tube sensation, had the audience in a daze with unreleased songs from his upcoming mixtape, “A.M.O.W. –A Man of Words.” He performed “Over My Head” and “Wet,” both featuring Q, whose angelic voice melted the hearts of everyone in the room. Though many students expressed that Ming reminds them of rapper, Cassidy, his delivery of concepts and punchlines are unique and enlightening that sets him apart from any other underground rapper in the Asian community.

Anthony Soil, known as Big Tone, lit up the stage with tracks from his mixtape, “Mic Theory.” BNE’s high energy showcase peaked over an hour and the audience stood up in amazement the entire show. Everyone in attendance cheered in awe and went especially wild over Tone’s song, “Perpetrators” featuring Artis. This had the crowd chanting repeatedly with the onstage emcees, “I was taught speak up if they ain’t real as us!” The track “Poor Boy” from “Raising The Bar” had the entire audience dancing uncontrollably and their last song, “Movement” from “Mic Theory” bestowed energy so great, that people ran up on stage to dance.

BSU Secretary and BNE Concert’s Head Producer, Perpetua Romain said, “I’m so glad to see everything come together. Every person in the room had a glowing smile on their face and said they had the best time.”

BNE CEO and emcee Jaquan Barnett, known as Artis said, “I had a great time. Aside from my performance, befriending all the talent was my favorite part. I understand students were conflicted with night classes; I recommend that students always put their education first because it is the top priority. I hope this will encourage other aspiring students at BCC to take the opportunity to perform at other events taking place on campus.”

Hopefully, the talent at Bergen keeps growing to make the school and students successful, for this truly was a night to remember. “Beautiful Noize with a ‘z’ to end things all,” said student Daniel H. Lee. “I hope to see their return soon so that everyone can enjoy this exhilarating experience.”

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