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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shout Out to the lovely "Michelle Williams" of "Destiny's Child" for tweeting "Q" & complimenting his "Beyonce - Love On Top (For the Lord)" Video :)

Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child tweeted "Q" on 7.13.11. because she watched his video, "Beyonce's - Love On Top (For the Lord)" via YouTube, and he was privileged, honored, and ecstatic to share a brief conversation with her via twitter. She went on to speak about "Q" to others, which is unbelievably amazing! This was simply a great piece of news to a Wednesday evening, and Q is still in high spirits. We sincerely thank you Michelle for taking the time to acknowledge "Q" and we wish you the best! Please take care, blessings. (BNE)

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