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Friday, March 15, 2013

Much love to "The HaterNation Radio Show" (@TheHaterNation) for having Artis (@Jqjbeezy) on "Episode 11 | (3/13/13)" at 9:30pm EST discussing his "Hometown East Orange, New Jersey, music career, opinions on the state of hip hop & Beautiful Noize Entertainment. If you were not able to check out the full interview please "click below" to hear the full [Audio] broadcast. BNE is always appreciative/grateful for all the love, support & opportunities showcased. Please stay tuned for more updates from BNE & be sure to check one of the fastest growing radio shows out. #NTNRadio #TheHaterNation [BNE]

National Talk Radio Network | The Hater Nation Show: Episode 11 (3/13-13) (

The guys school MC on the legend of the BunnyMan

Someone down in Southern VA really seems to like Ali Haji Hate

Ali hates Michael Vick, and we really mean HATE

Hip Hop Entrepreneur Artis (@jqjbeezy) of Beautiful Noize Entertainment ( called in to talk about his hometown of East Orange, New Jersey, his career and his opinions on the state of hip hop.

Diane Yang, Industrial Designer and cast member of SyFy‘s Robot Combat League talks about the show, controlling giant robots and her infatuation with The Rock
John Kirk researcher and cryptozoologist with the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club calls in to share some fascinating stories about his quest for the reported dinosaur Mokele Mbembe, the Cadborosauras and mainstream entertainment’s take on cryptozoology.

Know What I Hate ends the show: Being forgetful, odd tourist habits, packed restaurants and women who don’t appreciate a door holder.

The #boobment tournament has begun! 1st round match-ups are below. Select your winners and send them to Lucky participant will win a show shirt, wrist band and a $25 gift card (you can enter as many times as you want). Winning site will win $100 from Bloomers Boutique in Alexandria, VA and a $100 gift card from The HaterNation.

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