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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Artis -Raising the Bar set to hit 10,000 Downloads?

Artis and his first mixtape "Raising the Bar" continues to have great success at "8,277" current downloads. Beautiful Noize Entertainment is very Thankful for the support and attention that we have received from our fans and new fans. Please keep in touch with us again, check the blog for updates, Become a Follower of the Blog, a Fan on Facebook, and look out for more in the next few weeks from (BNE). Please check out Lazajuan's aka " Laz" and his new video/single "Ur So Gonna Miss Me" and the latest music video Artis -Real Recognize Real ft. Big Tone below.

Special shout outs to "DuNo" of "Du Some Productions" and "Malcolm Roan" of "DeFiLoGiC Inc." He is an upcoming DJ doing his thing and is someone to watch out for as well. Shout outs to the artists, Madison Kaine, Ming, Laz and Big Tone!

If you are new to the blog, and you have not all ready gotten one of the hottest mixtapes on the market today please please go get one of the Hottest Mixtapes out, ARTIS - RAISING THE BAR the links are provided below. Thanks again and thanks for the visit. (B.N.E.)



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