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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Official Music Video Shoot Day 1 of "Feel Me" by Artis off the Raising the Bar Mixtape

Thursday March 4th, 2010 begins the first Day of the "Feel Me" Music Video shoot. We will be shooting in the LA, Hollywood area and more starting at 12pm. Please refer to (Track 16) off the Raising The Bar Mixtape by Artis if you are interested in the song we are shooting. And if you haven't seen the Real Recognize Real Video all ready please watch it now below on the blog.

Also, please stayed tuned for the Official Beautiful Noize Entertainment Website that is being created right now. There will be an update on the Facebook Fan Page, each artist of (BNE)'s personal facebook, this blog, and word of mouth when the site is up. It is under construction now, but almost finished. Several of the artist's will be taking a photo shoot this Friday March 6th, 2010 for pictures on the website. Also look out for a new episode of Before the Fame, and Behind the Scenes Footage of the Real Recognize Real video shoot with Artis and Big Tone.

Thanks again for the support, stay tuned for more updates. God Bless you all from the (B.N.E.) Family.

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