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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Announcement to All B.N.E. Supporters regarding Beautiful Months

Dear B.N.E. Supporters,

Unexpectedly last week Friday, AlShan and I (Artis) experienced the death of our Aunt Francis and we are flying to New Jersey on October 7th to attend her wake and funeral over the course of the weekend.

As far as Beautiful Months, unfortunately we will have to delay the process of Ming's "The Prequel" Mixtape and Madison Kaine's, Grim Greetingz.

We have to take care of this family matter and I promise you that I will do my absolute best to keep you all informed on the new release dates of these projects so "Beautiful Months" can continue.

In the meantime, please enjoy Big Tone's "Mic Theory" Mixtape and be sure to download it and watch the trailer if you have not all ready. Please check the Blog for the direct link for his project, the Facebook Fan Page, etc.

Thank You again for your patience and understanding, I strongly appreciate it! I hope that you continue to support and check the Blog for updates. God Bless, Be Safe. - Artis

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