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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Big Tone "Mic Theory" Mixtape Article "Hip-Hop Rebirth Owns the Mic" by Perpetua Romain of The Torch, Student Newspaper. Simply Amazing, A Must Read!

“They don’t make them like this anymore...It don’t get better than us.” Famous lines that address the movement of a musical brotherhood. On September 28th, 2010, Beautiful Noize Entertainment (BNE) released their second mix tape of the label entitled, Mic Theory by rapper Anthony Soil, also known as Big Tone. This commenced as the grand opening to the series of mix tape releases this fall entitled Beautiful Months.

For all the Hip-Hop heads looking for that steady pulsating music, this is definitely the mix tape that needs to be in your car CD player. Big Tone is a 20 year old Reseda, California resident, who birthed his dream of creating Hip-Hop at age 11. This is when he first picked up a microphone followed by composing songs, allowing him to not only be as real as he can be, but also to embrace his writing, which acted as an outlet to share personal stories from his many life experiences. He appeared in his first official music video, “Artis – Real Recognize Real ft. Big Tone,” BNE’s first official music video.

Mic Theory is Big Tone’s first mix tape and is already claiming success as it reached nearly 400 downloads in its first day of release. NJ native, CEO, rapper and chief producer of BNE, Jaquan Barnett (known as Artis), returns to collaborate with Big Tone on 7 out of 15 tracks, branding his strong appearance since last year’s Raising the Bar, BNE’s first mix tape.

Although it is truly difficult to favor tracks since the entire project is exceptional, popular tracks include: “Exhibition,” “In My Mind,” “Just a Dream,” “Good Morning” and BNE’s theme song “Movement,” the descendant track to their anthem, “Beautiful Noize,” featured on Raising the Bar. Some instrumentals are produced by Artis, also including tracks spiced with Kanye West , Just Blaze and Talib Kweli.

Mic Theory features label mates Quentin (BNE’s newest singer), Madison Kaine and You-Tube sensation Ming (BNE’s first label mate). Each member of BNE will be featured on each others’ projects, all releasing throughout fall and winter. One can expect messages that are honest, heartfelt, concise and straightforward. Big Tone depicts reality in its purest form and delivers messages solely from his point of view. Mic Theory tells a lot about Tone’s life, proving that he is a strong contender in the music industry.

Big Tone’s messages are clear with smooth delivery and belief in the movement the BNE brotherhood is creating, exceeding even his label mates’ expectations. “I put my all into this mixtape,” expressed Tone. “I just want everyone to feel the music and take the time to really listen to my message.”

Bergen students who have already downloaded this mix tape are very pleased with Big Tone’s craft. BCC student Brendon Miel says, “I think Mic Theory is raw, but articulate. Harsh, but meaningful. I think its novelty lies in its calm beats combined with its hard, honest lyrics.”

Augusto Suarez of BCC says, “It was great, good instrumentals, great lyrics. The quality sounds professionally done. It’s not like a lot of the mainstream, which isn’t a bad thing; awesome compilation. I would download more projects from this label, maybe Artis.”

Mic Theory is available for free download on where you can also listen to Raising the Bar and watch music videos to their singles. His promotional trailer can be viewed at

This is a October 2010 issue. Please visit for more info.


  1. =) I love it! Thank you for posting this and for also directing viewers to the Torch! Our newspaper is improving daily!

  2. Please continue to support Mic Theory