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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Check out this "Shin-B" Interview with & her Groundbreaking Interactive 'MV' "Get Up And Go" growing fast! Appreciate the support!

Shin - B Get Up And Go [Official Music Video] World Premiere released May 8th, 2011 and was featured in The Torch, Student Newspaper of Bergen Community College as perhaps "the next viral music video?" Only time will tell, but be sure to check out the video if you have not all ready seen it and scan the video with your smart phone utilizing various "QR Code" applications. Please see the blog below for details because there will be prizes that one can win once the video hits 10,000 views so look out for that. We hope that you continue to share the video with friends and family, and that you stay tuned with the progression of Shin-B's music! The video was Directed, Edited, Shot and Produced by DuNo Tran of Du Some Productions, so be sure to check out their work as well. Thanks and take care!

Photo: This is a May 2011 issue and for more info please visit

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