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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ming "A Man of Words" Mixtape Article "Staking Claim on the Game" by Perpetua Romain, Editor-In-Chief of The Torch Newspaper. #HighlyAnticipated (BNE)

Hip Hop Artist Pull Quote- “What lies beneath the truth/ lies deceive a few/ guys believe in gods/ crime misleading you,” -Ming. The Truth; “Artis- Raising The Bar”

Get your stereos locked and loaded because your summer is about to be fire! Beautiful Noize Entertainment (BNE) label mate, Ming, is ready to drop his highly anticipated first mix tape, (pronounced ammo) “A.M.O.W.— A Man of Words.” This serves as BNE’s third mix tape release, ensuing Anthony Soil’s “Big Tone- Mic Theory,” which released September 2010.

Ming Chun Louie, resident of Sicklerville, New Jersey, is a 23 year old multifaceted lyricist, with mind boggling concepts and brilliant punch lines. He has several videos out on YouTube under his channel “Chirlakato” and has become an absolute sensation. He appeared in his first music video, “Artis- All In Vain ft. Ming,” which has claimed ample success on YouTube. He has been featured on both BNE mix tapes, “Artis- Raising The Bar” and “Big Tone- Mic Theory” which includes BNE’s anthem, “Movement” on Big Tone’s “Mic Theory.”

A.M.O.W. features in house production of about 15 tracks by CEO and Producer Jaquan Barnett, known as Artis, as well as DJ and Producer AlShan Barnett, known as NahSla. Artis shows a strong presence on seven tracks, Big Tone features on two tracks and R&B singer, Quentin De’Angelo Warren, known as Q, brands his voice on six tracks. LazaJuan, featured on “Artis- Beaches ft. Lazajuan” surfaces onto A.M.O.W. and BNE’s newest featured artist, singer/songwriter and female emcee Lady Maverick appears on “I Want You For Me ft. Q.”

A.M.O.W. gives the true definition of who Ming is; real and truly a man of many words. It tells about his personal life, friends, family, relationships and the music industry. This mix tape shows the kind of mindset Ming possesses, his lyrical progression, how success driven he is as an emcee and is completely different than the videos he has put out on YouTube. This diverse project shows a side of Ming you have never seen.

Ming performed his unreleased tracks, “Wet ft. Q” and “Over My Head ft. Q” at the “Black Student Union Presents: Beautiful Noize Entertainment” Spring Hip Hop Concert, here at Bergen Community College on April 7, 2011. Bergen students took a liking to these tracks and can definitely enjoy “Keep Ya Head Up ft. Artis,” “Blank Pages ft. Q” and “Be Like That ft. Q,” a track that everyone can relate to.

Everyone has experienced a betrayal in friendship and Ming connects with his listeners when he recites, “I thought from the start we were in this together/ But it’s your fault we’re apart since you didn’t endeavor/ Man our friendship was severed ‘cause you committed to cheddar/ Thinkin’ you’re livin’ it better but you ain’t livin’ forever.”

A.M.O.W. features a message for everyone to either relate to, or learn from. As an artist, Ming has improved his art form, his concepts, flow and delivery. “You can hear his progression as a rap artist,” said Artis. “After listening to A.M.O.W., you will see that he is a force to be reckoned with. This is just the beginning.”

For those who have enjoyed Ming’s features on BNE’s projects, videos and performances, you’re in for a real treat once you insert this mix tape in your stereo. It is the project of the summer 2011 and Ming has more in store for all his listeners. He is focused, hungry, driven and strives to improve himself as a musician daily.

“Some have compared me to Lupe Fiasco or Cassidy,” said Ming. “I am a real artist. I do this for the passion, this is my art... it’s fresh, original, creative and it’s me! I sound like Ming.” It is easy to expect a certain image from Ming’s material since the majority is his YouTube videos of his lyrics over industry instrumentals. However, A.M.O.W. speaks differently.

“If there was any doubt; this project is going to force people to step up their game, watch what they say and eat their words,” Artis said. Download A.M.O.W. for free at and check out for information on the mix tape release date as well as their “BSU Presents: BNE” concert footage.

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