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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Artis- All In Vain ft. Ming [Music Video Shoot]
Shooting Schedule & Shots Lists
Prepared by Producers AlShan & Jaquan Barnett
Director: DuNo Tran

SHOOT DAY 1: FRI 4/2/10
EVENT: (B.N.E.) T-Shirt Scene
LOCATION: Soverel Park
ADDRESS: N. Park Street & Springdale Ave, East Orange, NJ.
TIME: 12pm to 7pm
DETAILS: Shots of Artis and Ming performing with fans that will be wearing (B.N.E) T shirts”.

SHOOT DAY 2: SAT 4/3/10
EVENT: House Party Scene 1
LOCATION: Dunellen, NJ.
ADDRESS: 341 South Madison Ave, Dunellen, New Jersey.
TIME: 2:30pm to 4:30pm
DETAILS: Shots of Artis and Ming performing at a House Party.

SHOOT DAY 3: SUN 4/4/10
EVENT: Venue Scene at "Vivo Tapas"
ADDRESS: 167 Ferry Street, Newark, NJ 07105
TIME: 10:30pm to 2am
DETAILS: Shots of Artis and Ming performing at a Venue.

SHOOT DAY 4: MON 4/5/10
EVENT: Neighborhood and City Shots
LOCATION: The Bronx/Manhattan, NY/ Jersey City/Newark/Oranges, NJ.
TIME: 7am to 5pm
DETAILS: Shots of Artis and Ming performing throughout cities and different neighborhoods.

SHOOT DAY 5: TUES 4/6/10
EVENT: House Party Scene 2
LOCATION: Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
ADDRESS: 71 Delafield Street, New Brunswick, NJ
TIME: 9pm to 1am
DETAILS: Shots of Artis and Ming performing at a house party scene.

SHOOT DAY 6: WED 4/6/10
EVENT: School Scene at "O.L.H.C."
LOCATION: East Orange, NJ
ADDRESS: 23 North Clinton Street, East Orange, NJ 07017
TIME: (To Be Announced)
DETAILS: Shots of Artis and Ming performing at a School.

EVENT: Open Car Lot/Drive in scene
LOCATION: Montclair or Sicklerville, NJ. (To Be Announced)
TIME: 12pm to 7pm
DETAILS: Shots of Artis and Ming performing in an open car/drive in area.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Artis - Feel Me [Official Music Video]

Check out the 2nd video from that smash mixtape Raising The Bar! Artis "Feel Me" Shot, edited, and directed by DuNo of Du Some Productions. Also Produced by NahSla and Artis. Make sure to comment and rate! Thanks for all the love & support! Beautiful Noize Entertainment from 2003 - Forever! And if you haven't heard the mixtape which is almost up to 10,000 downloads, here are the links below.


(Mac/Mp3 Version)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

9,023 Downloads and counting for 1 of the best Mixtapes Out Artis - Raising the Bar

Artis - Raising the Bar has reached 9,023 Downloads and it is set to hit 10,000 downloads in its 10th week out. This is an amazing accomplishment for (BNE) and all the success not only goes to the Artis, all of the BNE artists, and NahSla, but to those that spread the word to friends, family, co-workers, strangers, peers, etc. Because of you, the fans, the supporters, it has received such good ratings and the proper push that it needs to hear how great the music truly is. We thank you so much seriously and we hope to continue to make you proud by providing great music that God gave us the talent to make.

We are currently in the studio now recording "Madison Kaine's" mixtape, "The Diary of a Madman" and we will begin to record "Big Tone's" mixtape next week called "Mic Theory". Ming is in New Jersey and is currently recording music for his mixtape, and new tracks in his spare time. Also, LazaJuan is focused recording a lot of great music and is gearing towards releasing an EP/Mixtape coming soon. Please check all the link below for the "Ur So Gonna Miss Me" [Official Music Video] and him on Artis - Beaches Ft. Laz off the Raising the Bar Mixtape. The links for the mixtape and Artis - Real Recognize Real ft. Big Tone [Official Music Video] will be provided below.

Everyone is focused, and we want you to know that we are trying our best to be the greatest artist we can so please continue to support us cause we love and appreciate it so much. Please be on the lookout in the next several days for the new "Feel Me" [Official Music Video] by Artis. Also, we shall hit you with great news as well in the next few days and let you know what we have planned coming up. Stayed tuned once again, and be safe. (BNE)



Artis - Real Recognize Real ft. Big Tone [Official Music Video]

LazaJuan - Ur So Gonna Miss Me [Official Music Video]

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 1 of the "Feel Me" Video Shoot

Day One just ended for the "Feel Me" Music Video Shoot and it was a success. We shall reconvene tomorrow at 10am downtown LA for Day 2. We are headed towards the Inland Empire on Saturday and Sunday 3 and 4 of the shoot. Stay tuned, thanks to all that participated, this song is very real and all about the people. B.N.E. is on the rise, come with us and experience Beautiful Noize music.- Artis

Official Music Video Shoot Day 1 of "Feel Me" by Artis off the Raising the Bar Mixtape

Thursday March 4th, 2010 begins the first Day of the "Feel Me" Music Video shoot. We will be shooting in the LA, Hollywood area and more starting at 12pm. Please refer to (Track 16) off the Raising The Bar Mixtape by Artis if you are interested in the song we are shooting. And if you haven't seen the Real Recognize Real Video all ready please watch it now below on the blog.

Also, please stayed tuned for the Official Beautiful Noize Entertainment Website that is being created right now. There will be an update on the Facebook Fan Page, each artist of (BNE)'s personal facebook, this blog, and word of mouth when the site is up. It is under construction now, but almost finished. Several of the artist's will be taking a photo shoot this Friday March 6th, 2010 for pictures on the website. Also look out for a new episode of Before the Fame, and Behind the Scenes Footage of the Real Recognize Real video shoot with Artis and Big Tone.

Thanks again for the support, stay tuned for more updates. God Bless you all from the (B.N.E.) Family.

Artis -Raising the Bar set to hit 10,000 Downloads?

Artis and his first mixtape "Raising the Bar" continues to have great success at "8,277" current downloads. Beautiful Noize Entertainment is very Thankful for the support and attention that we have received from our fans and new fans. Please keep in touch with us again, check the blog for updates, Become a Follower of the Blog, a Fan on Facebook, and look out for more in the next few weeks from (BNE). Please check out Lazajuan's aka " Laz" and his new video/single "Ur So Gonna Miss Me" and the latest music video Artis -Real Recognize Real ft. Big Tone below.

Special shout outs to "DuNo" of "Du Some Productions" and "Malcolm Roan" of "DeFiLoGiC Inc." He is an upcoming DJ doing his thing and is someone to watch out for as well. Shout outs to the artists, Madison Kaine, Ming, Laz and Big Tone!

If you are new to the blog, and you have not all ready gotten one of the hottest mixtapes on the market today please please go get one of the Hottest Mixtapes out, ARTIS - RAISING THE BAR the links are provided below. Thanks again and thanks for the visit. (B.N.E.)