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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Check Out the "Southwest Cypher Series" (S.W.C.S.) Episode #1 Ft. Lady Maverick, Gmo Mrclean, SwinDoe Kennedy, DJ Alias & Cory Paas (The Tu). #HipHop

Episode #1: Lady Maverick, The Tu, GMO & Swindoe.

Southwest Cypher Series is a live traditional cypher where emcees & occasional featured DJs across the Southwest with a respectable body of work bring their "A GAME," delivering something fresh that will not only contribute to, but also represent the Hip Hop community to the BEST of his or her ability!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ming's A Man Of Words Mixtape Release Article "A New Era Of Hip Hop Lives" by Perpetua Romain, BNE Director of Publicity. #PhenomenalRead #AMOW [BNE]

Swag is “bodied.”

Say goodbye to the mindless craze of “swagged out” music, as Beautiful Noize Entertainment (BNE) emcee, Ming, released his long-awaited, highly-anticipated hip hop mixtape, A.M.O.W.— A Man Of Words, on April 5, 2012. This 17 track mixtape is a medley of all in-house production from BNE CEO and head producer, Jaquan “Artis” Barnett, with BNE producer and disc jockey, AlShan “DJ NahSla” Barnett. Some tracks feature samples from 3 Doors Down, Duffy, Joe Budden, the “King of Calypso” Harry Belafonte and the timeless, classic Jackson 5.

Sicklerville, New Jersey native, Ming, born Ming Chun Louie in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a 24-year-old powerhouse lyricist with complex bars and inventive concepts. A.M.O.W. brands Ming as a force to be reckoned with, as he takes his listeners through an expedition of double meanings, conscious messages and deep contemplation. His wordplay, vivid poetic imagery and his unique style of flow and delivery aids this mixtape in possessing classic replay value. Indeed, one listen is simply not enough.

A.M.O.W. features all BNE artists, as Artis imprints his rugged style of lyricism and creativity once again as “AR,” while R&B singer, Quentin “Q” DeAngelo Warren, warmly envelopes listeners with his ethereal voice. Big Tone, known for his reputable mixtape “Mic Theory” is now introduced as “A.D.,” keeping the roots of his name in his music, as Anthony Dwayne Soil. R&B singer Lazajuan “Laz” Burnett resurfaces, on the track “Celebration.” Lastly, the multi-talented “jackie-of-all-trades” singer/songwriter and female emcee, Chezale Rodriguez, known as Lady Maverick is featured on “I Want You For Me.”

“Hip-Hop Heads” and lovers of all music genres can truly find something to enjoy from A.M.O.W. Ming expresses sentiment on his tracks, “Be Like That,” “Game Of Love” and “Blank Pages.” He also depicts his personality traits and distinctive ingenuity on “All I Do,” “Over My Head” and his rather confounding track, “Tongue Twistin.” He showcases a stronger bit of sensualness on “Wet” and “I Want You For Me ft. Lady Maverick.”

Of course, the heavy bars and dense urban feel can be experienced on “A Man of Words (Intro),” “Of The Sky,” BNE’s club-banger track “Stand Up (Get Em High)” and the extra-smooth, extra real track, “High Raps.” However, Ming’s main focus is to promote positive conscious messages and “educate the youth through these poems,” which he does on “Student of the Game,” “Keep Ya Head Up,” “Freedom Of Speech” and the informative, enlightening track, “Mindset.”

A.M.O.W.’s intro starts off with condescending and negative whispers towards Ming, with phrases such as “dictionary rapper,” “parody rapper” and “punchlines.” This prompts him to set the record straight right from the start. “I want to people to understand that I’m not a dictionary rapper, I have tremendous wordplay, extreme intellect and lyrical capabilities,” said Ming.

Ming continues, “Sometimes people tend to label me as a dictionary rapper, but that is only because they are too slow to comprehend what I am saying or to catch my metaphors at times. I, along with everyone else on BNE, focus on trying to represent for hip hop as a real emcee and continue to bring hip hop back to a lyrical state of mind, as other real emcees are doing now, that are considered underground and not so much mainstream.”

BNE is an independent record label based in California, founded in 2009 by Jaquan and AlShan Barnett. This label focuses on creating a movement, designed to uplift communities as well as encourage change in our society through conscious, passionate and poetic music.

A.M.O.W. serves as BNE’s fourth released project, ensuing Q’s extended play, “I’m Ready.” Ming appeared in his first music video, “Artis- All In Vain” and featured on both BNE mixtapes, “Raising The Bar” and “Mic Theory.” As BNE’s first label mate now residing in California, Ming’s time has finally come. The producers and engineers at BNE have created this mixtape specially made for studio speakers, such as Beats by Dre headphones or monitor speakers in order to gain the full eclectic experience.

Listen to his words, download his music at and get updates on this emcee from Check out Ming’s Youtube partner channel at and watch how Ming “bodies swag” on his official mixtape trailer. Follow Ming on Twitter: @YaBoyMing.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beautiful Entertainment Presents Ming's - A Man Of Words (A.W.O.W.) Trailer & "A Man Of Words" Mixtape Available for Download Now. #AMOW #BNE

Download Ming's "A Man Of Words" Mixtape here by copying and pasting this url:

For further instructions please see below:

1. please visit the limelinx link here:


3. Wait about 14 seconds and hit download again. Enjoy!