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Thursday, December 22, 2011

THREESOME NIGHTLY | Talk Radio Show Episode 15 with Musicians from Beautiful Noize Entertainment (Artis, DJ NahSla A.D, Q, & Ming). #BNE

THREESOME NIGHTLY | Talk Radio Show Episode 15 w/ Jack Yang, Musicians from Beautiful Noize Entertainment and Dancer Daniel Kwan.





Episode 15 Press Release: Thursday 12/22/11 THREESOME NIGHTLY Talk Radio Show with Jack Yang, Daniel Kwan, and Beautiful Noize Entertainment!

For immediate release: December 17th, 2011
Threesome Nightly|Talk Radio Show: Episode 15

Featuring Hosts Adrian Zaw, Skylar Song, Brenda Wong, and Special Guests Jack Yang and Daniel Kwan!

At on Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

LOS ANGELES, CA – December 22nd, 2011- Threesome Nightly | Talk Radio Show, Partnered with Radio KSCR at, brings you their fifteenth episode this Thursday night! The show will start at 8pm and end at 10pm.

Join us this Thursday as the Los Angeles based trio Adrian, Skylar, and Brenda celebrate the 15th episode of Threesome Nightly this week, continuing to bring to you an uncensored and unabashed Podcast/Radio platform that features headline news, top trending topics, entertainment segments and special guests each week. There is no limit to what FUN a “Threesome Nightly” can bring…

Jack Yang-an actor most notably found in Seven Pounds, Bones, New Girl, Nip/Tuck, and much, much more-joins us this week for a scintillating Christmas episode! Not only will he share with us who he is, but he will give us a peek into the fascinating yet nerve-racking world of acting and television! Hear all about how he learned to strike a match using only his thumb and how he got b****ed out by Jacquelyn Bisset!

Daniel Kwan, a jack of all trades in every sense of the word, also joins us this episode to share with us his latest happenings as well as great places to eat in Arcadia! Not only is he a dancer, artist, and musician, but he also designs Facebook games! What can’t this guy do? Check him out at

Artis, Ming, DJ NahSla, Q, and AD from the independent record label Beautiful Noize Entertainment will also be here this Thursday to talk about topics such as being the trend setter, not following trends, AIDS, and more. There might also be a freestyle battle between Ming, Artis, and AD but you’ll have to tune in to find out! Find out more about BNE at,,, or

Episode 15 Segments also include I Don’t Mean To Be A B****, Am I Weird?, and Catherin Chong’s Christmas in which she gifts us with five unique ways to impress your partner with gift ideas this holiday season!

You DO NOT want to miss this week’s episode so be sure to listen in this Thursday at or!

For more information about Threesome Nightly | Talk Radio Show: Episode 15, please contact PR at or visit

Episode 15: THREESOME NIGHTLY | Talk Radio Show
Video Highlight:

1. Am I Weird?
2. Eating Lamb Testicles
3. Edward Hong Drunk and Hungry
4. Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Beans
5. Jack Yang Interview | THREESOME NIGHTLY
6. Jack Yang on Growing Up & Acting
7. Kenneth Choi Drunk Adventures with Jack Yang
8. Why They Hate Kim Kardashian
9. Beautiful Noize Entertainment Interview Part 1 | THREESOME NIGHTLY
10. Beautiful Noize Entertainment Interview Part 2 | THREESOME NIGHTLY
11. Beautiful Noize Entertainment Interview Part 3
12. Christmas Gift Ideas – 5 Ways to Impress Your Partner!
13. Daniel Kwan Interview | THREESOME NIGHTLY
14. What is a Hostess Bar?

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

S/O to Q who is performing in "Day Of Absence" by Douglas Turner Ward. Directed once again by the Famous "James Avery" & Produced by Q. #LifeOfAMogul

Performance Information
What: Day Of Absence by Douglas Turner Ward
Where: California Institute of the Arts E400, 24700 McBean Parkway, Valencia, CA
When: Monday, November 6, 2011 at 3:00 p.m.
Tickets: Free Admission, if interested please email Quentin Warren at

THE STORY: DAY OF ABSENCE. A satire about an imaginary Southern town where all the black people have suddenly disappeared. The only ones left are sick and lying in hospital beds, refusing to get well. Infants are crying because they are being tended to by strange parents. The Mayor pleads for the President, Governor, and the NAACP to send him "a jackpot of jigaboos." On a nationwide radio network he calls on the blacks, wherever they are, to come back. He shows them the cloths with which they wash cars and the brushes with which they shine shoes as sentimental reminders of the goodies that await them. In the end the blacks begin to reappear, as mysteriously as they had vanished, and the white community, sobered by what has transpired, breathes a sigh of relief at the return of the rather uneasy status quo. What will happen next is left unsaid, but the suggestion is strong that things will never quite be the same again.

For more info on "Day Of Absence" please visit

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Press on Q: “I’m Ready” EP Released" Article by Perpetua Romain, Editor-In-Chief of The Torch Newspaper. Great Read #ThePursuitAlbum in the works!

He has the voice of an angel.

Quentin Deangelo Warren, the 23-year-old R&B singer known as Q of Beautiful Noize Entertainment (BNE) has released his Extended Play (EP) entitled, “I’m Ready” this summer. This seven track mix is just a mere introduction to what Q has in store for music this fall when he drops his first solo album, “The Pursuit.”

On the day of Q’s EP release, Muskegon, Michigan’s radio station, “103.7 The Beat,” played all his tracks and conducted a radio interview. Shortly after, on July 4, “I’m Ready” owned radio spins in Ghana, Africa and Q held an international interview as well.

“It was exciting to be on the radio and I’m excited for my EP to be heard in the motherland,” said Q.

Q covers Eric Benét’s “Sometimes I Cry,” as well as features his original tracks, “Memoirs” produced by Jxel Rajchenberg, “Cowboy” and the club banger, “Do That Beyonce,” both produced by A’lan Edmonson. A’lan also produced “Now Introducing,” “Need You To Need Me” and BNE’s CEO Jaquan Barnett produced the rather interestingly risque track, “Wet featuring Ming.”

Both “Sometimes I Cry” and “Wet” were performed by Q at the “Black Student Union Presents: Beautiful Noize Entertainment” Spring Hip Hop Concert on April 7, 2011 here at Bergen Community College.

Q’s celestial voice stirs up quite a bit of emotion in his music and this EP proves he is a triple threat as he can sing, rap as well as act. General music lovers will all find something to love about “I’m Ready” and this is definitely an EP that will go on repeat.

“I’m Ready” is available for free download on Check out for more information on Q’s upcoming album “The Pursuit” and for other mix tapes and projects from BNE.

This is a September 2011 issue and for more info please visit

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Q - On Set of 106 & Park & had an interesting "Q" moment, as he hyped the crowd! @Qnexbigthing for info & #Q at the Beyonce Concert Tonight in NYC!

To any new supporters, if you are unfamiliar with Q, be sure to download his "I'm Ready" (EP) at and for those that are familiar with Q, and you have not had the chance to download his project yet, please do so, and let us know what you think about it. We sincerely appreciate it, welcome all feedback, and thank you for your support. If ever on a computer that does not have any of our projects already downloaded, no worries. Be sure to hit the head phones on the "right" hand side of the BNE website & you can navigate through our BNE music playlist via record player. It's pretty unique ;) #BNE

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ming - "Smarten Up" - Unreleased From [2010] *NEW* #LyricalRiddles #Bars #Intelligence #SmartenUp #Ming (A.M.O.W.) Coming Soon! [BNE]

Check out "Ming" dropping his alternative version of Lupe Fiasco's "Dumb It Down," a song that was written and sitting on his harddrive since 2010. This version was not uploaded previously due to it's severe profoundness, and there wasn't a visual to aid the lyrical Hip Hop enthusiasts. Well here it is everyone, and there will be no music video shot to this version. With great respect to Ming's supporters, this is the version that Ming decided to put together during his free-time, and share with everyone. This elaborate video enhances and emphasizes on the many homonyms, metaphors, personification, word-play, etc., that is intentionally over-used in his response to Lupe's Dumb It Down content. It offers a parallel insight on his capabilities relative to the context of the satire behind Dumb It Down. Ming put a lot of hard work into this for this to just be a remix that never got mixed but hopefully you enjoy it nonetheless.

Ming's personal recommendations: "I RECOMMEND EVERY ONE PLAY THIS ATLEAST 10 TIMES or you won't really feel the impact of the message being conveyed! No insult to anyone's lyrical knowledge, intelligence or ego's but human minds are not designed to catch this amount of complexity in REAL-TIME through one play......and it's for your benefit to THOROUGHLY enjoy this! But that's just my recommendation. There is literally an incorporation of every possible homonym/homograph for every word I intentionally use to get points across with many hidden messages that WILL go over if you catch one or two, that may not be it. It's a true lyrical riddle." #Ming #AMOW (A Man Of Words) Mixtape by Ming Coming Soon!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beats, Rhymes, & Life The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest Directed By Michael Rapaport Movie Review & Experience by AlShan Barnett aka DJ NahSla (BNE)

Beats, Rhymes, & Life

As the opening credits start to roll, all you can feel is anticipation knowing you are about to witness something epic. You’re in stadium seating, in the theater that is, but you start off looking at others in a stadium. As you hear the words of the ‘Abstract Poetic’ otherwise known as Q-Tip, without a watch, you know what time it is. A Tribe Called Quest consists of four members: Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Q-Tip, and Jarobi; A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y. I’m sure the ATCQ fans would appreciate that I finished that statement. The interesting part about that is the Y, and that is why this movie was made.

Everyone wanted to know why fans have not had an ATCQ album since 1998. Why did the group that released five gold and platinum selling albums break up? We have seen them perform at shows like VH1’s Hip-Hop Honors and Rock The Bells, so where is all the controversy coming from? Rock The Bells 2008 is when the question of why became too much for actor and now first time director Michael Rapaport. Michael has been a die-hard fan since he first heard the group back in 1980’s. It was that tour when he decided to follow the tribe and get some much-needed answers to questions from ATCQ fans. From that curiosity, this documentary was born about the travels of A Tribe Called Quest.

A Tribe Called Quest was largely responsible for the popularity of a new style that dominated the East Coast sound of the early 1990s and has been called the most intelligent, artistic rap group of that decade. The group is made up emcees, Phife Dawg and Q-Tip, deejay Ali Shaheed Muhammad, as well as rapper Jarobi, who left the group early but rejoined in 2006. They are responsible for classics such as: Bonita Applebum”, “Can I Kick it?”, “Left My Wallet in El Segundo”, “Check The Rhime”, “Jazz (We Got)”, “Scenario”, “Award Tour” and “Electric Relaxation.” In addition to having their own group, they were apart of the Native Tongues who were known for their positive-minded, good-natured Afrocentric lyrics, eclectic sampling and later jazz-influenced beats. Rolling Stone has called their records “near-flawless,” and that “few hip-hop acts have so sharply captured the surreal quality that defines what it means to be African-American, a quality in which poker-faced humor and giddy tragedy play tag team with reality.”

The film moves from the concert to a backstage conversation between Q-Tip and Michael. “So was that the last show?” Michael asks Q-Tip as he heads to the dressing room. That is one of the many questions that surround the tribe. Will they ever make music again is a question that is still up for debate seeing as that they still have one album on their contract with Jive Records from 1989. Do they still get along with each other? If they don’t get along, why do we keep seeing them perform together?

Michael Rapaport takes you on a journey as he follows the group and gets in depth and personal with each member. He lets them tell their story from beginning to end including the highs to the lows. The movie was originally supposed to be called Beats, Rhymes, and Fights, but the title was scrapped because he felt that it was more than just beef but an underlying story about men who were more than just rap group members. This movie is so much more than the trials and tribulations of one of the most iconic groups in music history. You will see where they’re from, what brought them together and meet their families. They are true representatives of this culture known as Hip-Hop and were so far ahead of their time, that they changed the face of rap music. Michael got a chance to receive input from some of the biggest contributors in Hip-Hop such as: ?uestlove, Black Thought, Common, Pharrell Williams, The Beastie Boys, as well as Native Tongue Members, Dres of Black Sheep, De La Soul, Monie Love, and many more.

Rapaport brings you live concert footage and unknown stories and secrets of how the classic albums we all know and love were made. There are times that things get very real and personal in regards to Phife’s health issues and the tension between himself and Q-Tip. You get to see what made and broke what many would call, The Beatles of Hip-Hop. This is not a movie that you just watch, but a movie that you experience. It brings back memories of hearing that music for the first time and makes a serious head-nod uncontrollable. It is an adventure that will move a person that doesn’t know too much about the group but is a fan of music. You’ll feel the beats, listen to the rhymes, and see what their life was like, as you witness the travels of A Tribe Called Quest. For more information on the movie visit or

Posted By: AlShan “DJ NahSla” Barnett (BNE)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Conversation with the Great DJ M-Rock and DJ NahSla

“The best of A Tribe Called Quest, my name’s, my name’s M-Rock and by the end of the mixtape, you’ll be on my jock…”(Phife Dawg voice). These are the words that are heard as you press play on the mixtape, that is the best of A Tribe Called Quest. This is also the feeling as you sit, listen and vibe out to a true mixtape, by a true DJ. For those that don’t know DJ M-Rock, at the end of the interview, there will be information and links. Hailing from Toronto, born and raised, M-Rock has a lot up his sleeve. Not only does he DJ, rocking four gigs a week, he also produces on his down time.

I first had the pleasure of experiencing DJ M-Rock when I came across an ATCQ mixtape that has received critical acclaim from Michael Rapaport, the talented director of his documentary ‘Beats, Rhymes and Life: The travels of A Tribe Called Quest’. This is the quintessential blueprint for how a mixtape should be done. There’s scratching, blending, mixing and remixing but the highlight is that, it is done as one continuous grove, allowing the listener to zone out, and appreciate DJ M-Rock’s craft. But his talent doesn’t stop with djing. He is also a music producer, and he takes his work very seriously. If you think that your tracks are better, then you better be ready for war, because he can battle with the beats. He has received props from some of the best producer/DJ’s in the game from "Just Blaze and Pete Rock to Easy Mo Bee and Alchemist," just to name a few. With ‘Beats Rhymes and Life, The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest’ premiering later this week, I had the pleasure of speaking with the skilled DJ M-Rock on his work:

AlShan: What’s good M-Rock? How you doing?

M-Rock: Just got up, getting something to eat right now starting my day how bout yourself?

A: I’m pretty good. Been looking forward to this interview. I had to do some research on you and man, I have to say you’re doing you’re thing. I heard the Tribe tape and from the intro I was hooked. You are most definitely a true, skilled, real DJ. So how’d you get your start?

M: I started off with a couple of guys I grew up with, got some money together to get enough equipment, studied some of the greats and I’ve been doing if for about 15 years now. I just took it real serious man, went around to some competitions, and not to just be in them, but I won. I won a lot of those, won a lot of battles, and started to get my name up and out there. you know? It’s something I respected and I felt that I had to give it my all and I did. I still Dj now, I’m doing 4 gigs a week, and I love it, I make money but it’s something I love to do.

A: That’s what’s up. My favorite DJ/producer of all time is DJ Premier. Who influenced you on the djing tip?

M: Yeah man. He’s a DJ from Toronto. I’m not sure if you heard of him before, DJ Start from Scratch, and he just unbelievable man. He can scratch, he can mix, he does it all, and he’s still doing it man. He’s one of the best. You should check him out when you can. Really, really good, an all around dope DJ man. But yeah I like Premier as well but it was mainly him that kind of got me on my path you know?

A: Definitely. I’ll certainly check him out as soon as possible. I saw on your website that you do production as well and I saw comments from Just Blaze and Alchemist, who happen to be some of my favorites in the game today. How did you get your start in producing?

M: I don’t feel I’m the best at it. I started battling for a while but I didn’t know what to do (with it). I did the corporate thing for a while, got some software from a guy at work and it made my stuff sound a lot more crisp. I made a decision to quit work, moved to LA for a minute and moved back. I was one of those dudes that wanted to blow up now, but at the end of the day I love music. It’s kind of hard to DJ and produce I find. I play like almost every genre every night. I used to be a Hip-Hop head but it gets hard to concentrate on one thing. When you believe in one thing it’s easier, but when you’re into 5 million things, it’s harder. I did an intro for Russell Peters for a Warner Brothers DVD called Outsource. In the states you have the Grammys and in Canada, you have the Juno’s. Russell hosted them one year and asked me to produce his intro music, when he walks in. So I did a skit where he walks in to Indian music, and he’s like, “Hold up, hold up,” and he starts break dancing. So that was kind of crazy. It’s weird because I didn’t touch keys and I can actually play, and I don’t sample. I play everything with two hands, no samples. Interesting part of the story, my Dad is a ridiculous Indian classical musician and he plays around the world, so that’s probably where I got it.

A: So did you play any instruments when you were younger?

M: Nah man I always tried, but I got bored. I took piano classes when I was in grade school and I dropped out, and then guitar lessons. I had a wack teacher. He was a dude with a mullet that wanted me to play rock stuff and when you try to get someone to play stuff that they don’t want to play, you’re not going to learn it, so I don’t remember a lot of that stuff. Every time he left, I’d flip the guitar over and start banging it on the back drumming it you know? I’m a Hip-Hop dude. I can’t play rock stuff man and I didn’t like that stuff. It all clicked in after words, I had a lot of room to grow as a musician.

A: As I told you earlier, my favorite producer is DJ Premier and that’s where most of my style comes from, the rawness and griminess of his beats. Who were some of the producers that influenced you once you started to delve deeper into producing?

M: The same guys you mentioned, Preme was my favorite, still is my favorite, even though he’s not in his prime. All the ones that we all know. There is no one that was really obscure that I’d say had an influence on me. You know one producer that did influence me that doesn’t get a lot of props? Scott Storch. Also Tribe man The Ummah, no one really talks about Tribe, but obviously the typicals the Premes and all those guys, even the Hitmen from Bad Boy, and house music Dj Spinna, Black Coffee, Disco, Quincy Jones, anything good man. I read up on who did this and that. Do you know a band called Imagination?

A: No, I’m not too familiar with them. Tell me a little about them and I’ll check them out.

M: You should man, you should. They’re a British band from the 80’s. They’ve been sampled by Mariah, Destiny’s Child, all these groups,; the dude lives here now. I met him here one night, and you know that song by Des’ree You Gotta Be?

A: Yeah

M: Yeah everyone knows that song, it’s like a radio classic, he wrote and produced that. He invited me down to hang out one day and I saw him work. I love production, and love all this, but to see a dude from the 80’s get down the way he does is ridiculous. He wasn’t to involved since then but he realized I was old school so he just wanted to get down old school was more old school. Since meeting him I bought a home studio.

A: So, what prompted you to put out an ATCQ mixtape? Or did it have something to do with the movie coming out?

M: Yeah it was the movie. Just last year I was making mixes, like DJ mixes and they were all at about 200 downloads. Then I thought, I got to step my game up. I really went hard and I came out with a grimey tape. The Tribe is grimey and the Kanye is really grimey, it’s like 20,000 downloads, since January. The game stepped up the, concept stepped up, so I don’t really make tapes anymore, just for fun. I make them with a concept in mind. I make them to change the game. So not cause I love Tribe strictly, partly that, but yeah the movie was coming out so here we go. I got it out to Michael Rapaport; he heard it and he liked it a lot too. That’s how I do stuff. I want to do it professional and put it out the right way.

A: I wanted to know did you do that purposely, it being a full mix, without tracks, like a full hour long mix?

M: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, like I mean, it’s a mixtape man, like back in the 80’s man, What’s the point of just hearing Scenario, you already have Scenario at home, you know what I mean.

A: Yeah I appreciate people that are bringing that style back and using it today, that’s the feeling I got from it.

M: No problem man, it’s just trying to be hot ultimately. People today, they prefer that style, even if they never heard it. I mean if you’re not doing that style, people don’t want to watch those guys. You kind of want to see someone going in you know?

A: Of course. Now do you see a difference between the club scene in Toronto and New York?

M: Yeah huge. I would say Toronto has some of the best DJ’s like technically the best. They know how to put it down, mixing back and forth. I hear a lot of people say, like when they come back from the states, that the DJ’s suck out there, not to diss you know. I don’t think they take mixing, like the art of mixing that seriously. They might just drop a track and start screaming, and not even smooth, like following Trey Songz Say Ahh with a DMX joint you know? It’s a lot of programming and Americans have enthusiasm and Canadians we’re kind of dead, really quiet and chill. We don’t really support our own and this and that, you know so our scene is insanely small compared to New York. New York is one of the biggest in the world man. The quality of djing is better, but New York, is New York man. You guys invented Hip-Hop. I mean you never know who you’ll see out there. You might see Jeru play, you might see Q-Tip play, it’s pretty nuts.

A: Yeah I haven’t made it out to Toronto, I will one day.

M: They weather is shit. Stay in LA man. Go somewhere else for the summer. As far as Toronto the women here are hot, like really really hot. I’m not sure how you’re girl would feel about that, but the women here are gorgeous. You never know who you’re going to meet. It’s the most multicultural city. It’s dope and even the style behind that tape; the Tribe tape is a mix with Toronto style. Like the doubles, a lot of scratching, the mixing style, the programming and the transitions is very Toronto style.

A: I know you said the movie is what brought on the tape, but you’ve been a huge Tribe fan from day one right?

M: Yeah man since 1989

A: Have you seen the movie yet?

M: Yeah man, it’s amazing have you seen it?

A: Nah I haven’t I’m going to the premier out here in LA. I would have loved to see it back home but I’ma check it out soon, I can’t wait. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. I saw them at Rock The Bells in 2010, and they killed it.

M: They’re ridiculous. They’re all I think about when it comes to Hip-Hop. I mean I’m East Coast man, just like you. If it’s not Smoov Da Hustler, or Premier, or Gang Starr, or Tribe then I don’t. Like it’s fun to me but it’s not really my core. Dre and all the southern stuff it’s just not the end of the world. I don’t think anyone performs harder than Tribe, and if they do they’re just trying to hard, because they’re naturally the best on stage, like Tip’s and Phife’s energy, and they’re chemistry is the best.

A: Yeah man I can’t wait. What it your favorite Tribe album?

M: Midnight Marauders

A: Oh okay

M: Nah man wait, it’s Low End Theory, I keep forgetting that.

A: Yeah that’s my favorite too and I get caught like you man. You love Midnight Marauders and look back like, they couldn’t have made all these classic albums. My favorite record is Jazz (We Got).

M: That’s a great record man, but you know what’s weird, it’s great and the Tip verse is dope, but the Phife verse kills me now. I love them both. Back then, Tip was the leader, and now when I here joints today it’s like Phife’s verses are so logical and what he’s saying is straightforward. A lot of Tip’s stuff is abstract, and I don’t understand all of it, I just love his voice and his flow.

A: Yeah Phife, anytime he gets on the mic you it’s golden.

M: He’s amazing man. Yeah the movie is great man. You can see a lot of that, like their approaches and how their approaches are different. Like Phife’s got it. God blessed him with the personality that’s really funny and clever. Like how he wrote Buggin’ Out on the bus. I just ruined part of the movie for you, but he was kind of last minute with everything, but when he showed up, he would just destroy it, in one take, you know what I mean? It’s crazy.

A: That just made me even more excited. I see you got a new website coming. Do you have any other plans for the future?

M: The website is another long story, but I haven’t worked with an artist yet, that’s probably next. I think I’ve been a beat maker all this time. I think I’m going to try to become a producer.

A: That’s crazy that you said that. My brother and I went through the same thing. We learned at school the difference between the two. We now produce, as opposed to just making beats.

M: Yeah man. I just gotta figure out what makes a beat hot you know? Like what makes it a hit, and I think I’ll be good. A hot beat, that’s everything man. Anytime you’ve heard a good song, it’s that state of mind. If you put the artist in that state of mind you’re good, if you don’t then you’ll put out something that’s messed up.

A: Who are you feeling in the rap game right now?

M: Kanye, Drake’s stuff. I like the 6 foot 7 foot by Wayne and Cory Gunz. As far as ability to rap, I like it I like a lot of people. But I like when the beats bang. Blu and Exile are dope, but I don’t think the beats really bang. Chad he’s dope, but I don’t think the beats really bang that much. To me it’s the whole package you know what I mean. I mean he’s dope; definitely a lot of dope MC’s. I find the Kanye’s stuff is a
whole package: hot beats and hot rhymes. His songs to me pop off in a whole other way.

A: This was smooth man. Like a real conversation. I definitely appreciate your time and it was good talking to you.

M: No problem. Thanks for the call man, I appreciate it.

For more information on DJ M-Rock check or follow him on twitter @mrockgotbeats

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shout Out to the lovely "Michelle Williams" of "Destiny's Child" for tweeting "Q" & complimenting his "Beyonce - Love On Top (For the Lord)" Video :)

Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child tweeted "Q" on 7.13.11. because she watched his video, "Beyonce's - Love On Top (For the Lord)" via YouTube, and he was privileged, honored, and ecstatic to share a brief conversation with her via twitter. She went on to speak about "Q" to others, which is unbelievably amazing! This was simply a great piece of news to a Wednesday evening, and Q is still in high spirits. We sincerely thank you Michelle for taking the time to acknowledge "Q" and we wish you the best! Please take care, blessings. (BNE)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Check out the trailer of "Johnny Mo," a short film featuring "Q" of Beautiful Noize Entertainment & stay tuned for the release! #LightsCameraAction

Johnny-Mo Trailer (Short Film) from Cale Nichols on Vimeo.

Johnny-Mo is a short crime/drama film that follows unique characters and their experience with one another. It stars Paul Sample, Quentin Warren, and Bobby Graham. Written, Directed, and Edited by Cale Nichols.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Q's - I'm Ready Trailer & "I'm Ready" (EP) Available for Download Now! Hear the pure talent, range & R&B soul of the one & only "Q" of B.N.E #I'mReady

Download Q's "I'm Ready" here by copying and pasting this url: ""

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Q's (EP) "I'm Ready" Official Release Date: 6.28.11 & Q's Article Recap: "Q" EP Article "Are You Ready to Pursue Yours?" by Perpetua Romain. #Q & #BNE

Q aka Quentin DeAngelo Warren's [EP] I'm Ready" is set to release on "6.28.11" so please be sure to check out his "Q" page, and like his page if you have not all ready. On his page you can find updates on Q, his music, progression, future endeavors & much more that he is doing with his Beautiful Noize Entertainment label mates. Only one more mixing session to go & the project will be ready awaiting its release date. For more details, please check the Beautiful Noize Entertainment Facebook page here,, the blog, website, and any other B.N.E. links that are accessible and currently available. We hope that you are excited, and that you enjoy his music. Please know that we will continue to release more music throughout the summer, fall and Q's project is just the beginning. #Q #I'mReady (BNE)

Article Recap: "Q" EP Article "Are You Ready to Pursue Yours?" by Perpetua Romain, Editor-In-Chief of The Torch Newspaper.

Singer Pull Quote: “In my mind I run away, but my heart tells me to stay, back and forth inside my brain, do I stay or run away?”- Q. In My Mind; “Big Tone- Mic Theory”

Beautiful Noize Entertainment’s (BNE) newest label mate, R&B singer, Quentin DeAngelo Warren (Q) is releasing his first Extended Play (EP) mix tape entitled, “I'm Ready” this summer. It features seven tracks of very familiar songs, including an originally produced track.

Q, a 22 year old California resident from Muskegon, Michigan, has performed his version of Eric Benét’s “Sometimes I Cry” at the “Black Student Union Presents: Beautiful Noize Entertainment” Spring Hip Hop Concert on April 7, 2011 here at Bergen Community College. His skillful and emotional performance completely moved the crowd and he won the hearts of the audience.

He first appeared with BNE on labelmate Big Tone’s first mix tape, “Mic Theory,” on “In My Mind ft. Q,” “Good Morning ft. Q and Artis,” and “Movement ft. Artis, JBrown, Madison Kaine, Ming and Q.”

Including “Sometimes I Cry,” this EP will also feature his original tracks “Cowboy,” “Do That Beyoncé,” which is currently up on YouTube and “Wet ft. Ming,” a collaborative song that will also be appear on BNE label mate Ming’s first mix tape, (pronounced ammo) “A.M.O.W.— A Man of Words.” With some tracks produced by A’lan and one by Artis, this mix tape will prepare Q’s listeners for what he has in store for the future.

Q is planning on taking all his listeners back to the days when music lovers got more bang for their buck when purchasing albums. He plans to release his first solo album entitled, “The Pursuit,” which features about 20 tracks and his goal is to have you “overdose on music.”

The concept of the Pursuit is all from his personal experience, which was originally called “catharsis,” set to depict him purging his emotions. “The Pursuit is more fitting,” said Q. “I want people to feel me and be there with me in the songs I sing.” The title was inspired from the film, “The Pursuit of Happyness.” In the movie, it was explained that happiness is something you pursue but can never attain. “Everyone is always in pursuit of something… if you pursue love and lose it, you are now in the pursuit of moving on,” Q said.

All music lovers have something to gain from listening to both “I'm Ready” and “The Pursuit.” “I want everyone to realize that you have to be ready to take on the responsibility that comes with the pursuit of your dreams,” said Q. “That’s something I had to learn and still am.”

Tracks from The Pursuit will feature members from BNE, including Artis, Ming and Big Tone. Download “I'm Ready” the EP on and check out for information on the EP release date as well as the “BSU Presents: BNE” concert footage.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Q: "Ready" EP Coming Soon! One more studio session of recording, followed by two more mixing sessions and a release date will be set! Stay Tuned. #BNE

Q's "Ready," EP is almost completed! Post production will resume this week and one more studio session will be conducted as Q wraps up his EP "Ready". We will be shooting his trailer, and photo shoot this week so please stay tuned for more updates here on the blog, & most importantly Q's artist page You can follow him at @QNexBigThing on twitter, and check out his video "Do Dat Beyonce" which has surpassed 30,000 views thus far and counting! The video song was remixed and mastered and will be released on "Ready" and the video will be re-shot as well, honoring the great Beyoncé Knowles! Enjoy this track, and understand that this is only a taste of Q's versatility as an artist, actor, singer, and mogul!

"I wrote dis track out of my love for Beyonce." I loved the Halle Berry last year and so HERE YOU ARE! -Q

Directed by: Jabari A.K. Holder
Co-Directed by: Quentin Warren "Q"
Produced by: Stephen Robertson for Viizion Productions
Music/Lyrics by: A'lan "CJ" Edmonson
Lyrics by: Quentin Warren "Q"
Choreography by: Talibah Aquil
I'm not a rapper. But I had fun! Enjoy! and DO DAT BEYONCE'!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Watch the new "Shin-B - Get Up And Go" Music Video on NATIONAL TV! Please read the info below how to check it out, and thanks for the support! #Shin-B

Watch the new Shin-B "GET UP AND GO" music video all this week airing on the TV Network "MYX TV" (currently in 5+ million households in the U.S.). Imagine watching an INTERACTIVE MUSIC VIDEO on a GIANT HD SCREEN?! Pretty, crazy huh? So definitely get your cell phone and QR scanners ready :)

This is the new revolution towards technology, and we are proud to say that the music video will be played on the TV show "PRESS PLAY" this evening at "6pm" (PST), aka "West Coast" time, and tonight at "9pm" (EST), aka "East Coast" time.

If you are able to check it out, we really would appreciate the support, and we are blessed that the music video will continue to air on TV this week until Sunday, June 5th 2011. So just in case you might not be able to catch it this evening or tonight depending on your time zone, no worries because there are other opportunities to tune in :)

Here is the schedule for the remainder of the week for the show "PRESS PLAY" and please check your cable listings for the "MYX TV" Channel. I will also include the links to pull the info up online as well, and the Facebook event so you can leave comments, and thoughts if you choose. Thanks so much for the support once again, God Bless, and take care.

Wednesday: 6pm (PST) / 9pm (EST)
Thursday: 5pm (PST) / 8pm (EST) and 8pm (PST) / 11pm (EST)
Saturday: 3:30pm (PST) / 6:30pm (EST)
Sunday: 6pm (PST) / 9pm (EST)

For local channel listings, go to:

For show times, check here and look for "Press Play":

Facebook Event, "GET UP AND GO" music video on NATIONAL TV:

Shin-B - "Get Up And Go" [QR Barcode] Official Interactive Music Video:

Monday, May 16, 2011

Q to perform the role of "Stool Pigeon" this evening in "KING HEDLEY II" by August Wilson. Directed by the Famous "James Avery" & Produced by Q.

Performance Information
What: KING HEDLEY II by August Wilson
Where: California Institute of the Arts E400, 24700 McBean Parkway, Valencia, CA
When: Monday, May 16, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Tickets: Free Admission, if interested please email Quentin Warren at or contact him on the "KING HEDLEY II" Facebook event page to reserve tickets if you can attend. Link is provided here:

KING HEDLEY II by August Wilson: Revisits Violence Outbreak of 1980s

“Fear motivates us to shoot. To stab. To KILL.” – James Avery

August Wilson’s endearing characters in KING HEDLEY II struggle to tip on the tightrope that is the thin line between life and death. Survival and failure. The death of Aunt Esther, the community’s mother and connection to the past brings a shift in the land. Facing the rise of a new era, one that is extreme, dangerous, and negligent of morals and values, the characters in KING HEDLEY II push to find their place in life’s cycle. “The people need to know the story. See how they fit into it. See what part they play,” proclaims Stool Pigeon, the community’s wise but unappreciated old man.

August Wilson, celebrated playwright, wrote ten plays about the African American experience spanning an entire century—one play per decade. KING HEDLEY II takes place in the 1980s, a time of drug infestation and increase of crime. Wilson is known for writing beautiful language as it captures the natural rhythm and music of the African American spirit and culture. He wrote: “They shout, they argue, they wrestle with love, honor, duty, betrayal; they have loud voices and big hearts; they demand justice, they love, they laugh, they cry, they murder, and they embrace life with zest and vigor…Despite the fact that their relationship to the larger society is one of servitude and marked neglect…The characters remain pointed toward the future, their pockets lined with fresh hope and an abiding faith in their own abilities and their own heroics.” KING HEDLEY II provokes reflection about crime, social identity, and the importance of heritage.

The production will be directed by James Avery, most known for his role as “Uncle Phil” on the classic television show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Avery has a very close relationship to Wilson’s work, as he has performed in a number of the plays. Being an outstanding performer and a valued historian in his own right, CalArts is very pleased to have him as a guest director this season. When asked about his decision to direct the show Avery replied, “I have been wanting to teach for some time now and I am very excited to direct King Hedley II with this talented group of students. I believe history is important and I enjoy facilitating exploration and development in young artists.”

#LifeOfAMogul He works hard, theatre, acting, singing, ect! Simply multifaceted! #Q

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Check out this "Shin-B" Interview with & her Groundbreaking Interactive 'MV' "Get Up And Go" growing fast! Appreciate the support!

Shin - B Get Up And Go [Official Music Video] World Premiere released May 8th, 2011 and was featured in The Torch, Student Newspaper of Bergen Community College as perhaps "the next viral music video?" Only time will tell, but be sure to check out the video if you have not all ready seen it and scan the video with your smart phone utilizing various "QR Code" applications. Please see the blog below for details because there will be prizes that one can win once the video hits 10,000 views so look out for that. We hope that you continue to share the video with friends and family, and that you stay tuned with the progression of Shin-B's music! The video was Directed, Edited, Shot and Produced by DuNo Tran of Du Some Productions, so be sure to check out their work as well. Thanks and take care!

Photo: This is a May 2011 issue and for more info please visit

"Q" EP Article "Are You Ready to Pursue Yours?" by Perpetua Romain, Editor-In-Chief of The Torch Newspaper. Restoring Pure R&B Back to the Game! #BNE

Singer Pull Quote: “In my mind I run away, but my heart tells me to stay, back and forth inside my brain, do I stay or run away?”- Q. In My Mind; “Big Tone- Mic Theory”

Beautiful Noize Entertainment’s (BNE) newest label mate, R&B singer, Quentin DeAngelo Warren (Q) is releasing his first Extended Play (EP) mix tape entitled, “Ready” this summer. It features five tracks of very familiar songs, including an originally produced track.

Q, a 22 year old California resident from Muskegon, Michigan, has performed his version of Eric Benét’s “Sometimes I Cry” at the “Black Student Union Presents: Beautiful Noize Entertainment” Spring Hip Hop Concert on April 7, 2011 here at Bergen Community College. His skillful and emotional performance completely moved the crowd and he won the hearts of the audience.

He first appeared with BNE on labelmate Big Tone’s first mix tape, “Mic Theory,” on “In My Mind ft. Q,” “Good Morning ft. Q and Artis,” and “Movement ft. Artis, JBrown, Madison Kaine, Ming and Q.”

Including “Sometimes I Cry,” this EP will also feature his original tracks “Cowboy,” “Do That Beyoncé,” which is currently up on YouTube and “Good Morning [Remix] ft. Artis and Big Tone.” With some tracks produced by A’lan and one by Artis, this mix tape will prepare Q’s listeners for what he has in store for the future.

Q is planning on taking all his listeners back to the days when music lovers got more bang for their buck when purchasing albums. He plans to release his first solo album entitled, “The Pursuit,” which features about 20 tracks and his goal is to have you “overdose on music.”

The concept of the Pursuit is all from his personal experience, which was originally called “catharsis,” set to depict him purging his emotions. “The Pursuit is more fitting,” said Q. “I want people to feel me and be there with me in the songs I sing.” The title was inspired from the film, “The Pursuit of Happyness.” In the movie, it was explained that happiness is something you pursue but can never attain. “Everyone is always in pursuit of something… if you pursue love and lose it, you are now in the pursuit of moving on,” Q said.

All music lovers have something to gain from listening to both “Ready” and “The Pursuit.” “I want everyone to realize that you have to be ready to take on the responsibility that comes with the pursuit of your dreams,” said Q. “That’s something I had to learn and still am.”

Tracks from The Pursuit will feature members from BNE, including Artis, Ming and Big Tone. Download “Ready” the EP on and check out for information on the EP release date as well as the “BSU Presents: BNE” concert footage.

This is a May 2011 issue and for more info please visit

Ming "A Man of Words" Mixtape Article "Staking Claim on the Game" by Perpetua Romain, Editor-In-Chief of The Torch Newspaper. #HighlyAnticipated (BNE)

Hip Hop Artist Pull Quote- “What lies beneath the truth/ lies deceive a few/ guys believe in gods/ crime misleading you,” -Ming. The Truth; “Artis- Raising The Bar”

Get your stereos locked and loaded because your summer is about to be fire! Beautiful Noize Entertainment (BNE) label mate, Ming, is ready to drop his highly anticipated first mix tape, (pronounced ammo) “A.M.O.W.— A Man of Words.” This serves as BNE’s third mix tape release, ensuing Anthony Soil’s “Big Tone- Mic Theory,” which released September 2010.

Ming Chun Louie, resident of Sicklerville, New Jersey, is a 23 year old multifaceted lyricist, with mind boggling concepts and brilliant punch lines. He has several videos out on YouTube under his channel “Chirlakato” and has become an absolute sensation. He appeared in his first music video, “Artis- All In Vain ft. Ming,” which has claimed ample success on YouTube. He has been featured on both BNE mix tapes, “Artis- Raising The Bar” and “Big Tone- Mic Theory” which includes BNE’s anthem, “Movement” on Big Tone’s “Mic Theory.”

A.M.O.W. features in house production of about 15 tracks by CEO and Producer Jaquan Barnett, known as Artis, as well as DJ and Producer AlShan Barnett, known as NahSla. Artis shows a strong presence on seven tracks, Big Tone features on two tracks and R&B singer, Quentin De’Angelo Warren, known as Q, brands his voice on six tracks. LazaJuan, featured on “Artis- Beaches ft. Lazajuan” surfaces onto A.M.O.W. and BNE’s newest featured artist, singer/songwriter and female emcee Lady Maverick appears on “I Want You For Me ft. Q.”

A.M.O.W. gives the true definition of who Ming is; real and truly a man of many words. It tells about his personal life, friends, family, relationships and the music industry. This mix tape shows the kind of mindset Ming possesses, his lyrical progression, how success driven he is as an emcee and is completely different than the videos he has put out on YouTube. This diverse project shows a side of Ming you have never seen.

Ming performed his unreleased tracks, “Wet ft. Q” and “Over My Head ft. Q” at the “Black Student Union Presents: Beautiful Noize Entertainment” Spring Hip Hop Concert, here at Bergen Community College on April 7, 2011. Bergen students took a liking to these tracks and can definitely enjoy “Keep Ya Head Up ft. Artis,” “Blank Pages ft. Q” and “Be Like That ft. Q,” a track that everyone can relate to.

Everyone has experienced a betrayal in friendship and Ming connects with his listeners when he recites, “I thought from the start we were in this together/ But it’s your fault we’re apart since you didn’t endeavor/ Man our friendship was severed ‘cause you committed to cheddar/ Thinkin’ you’re livin’ it better but you ain’t livin’ forever.”

A.M.O.W. features a message for everyone to either relate to, or learn from. As an artist, Ming has improved his art form, his concepts, flow and delivery. “You can hear his progression as a rap artist,” said Artis. “After listening to A.M.O.W., you will see that he is a force to be reckoned with. This is just the beginning.”

For those who have enjoyed Ming’s features on BNE’s projects, videos and performances, you’re in for a real treat once you insert this mix tape in your stereo. It is the project of the summer 2011 and Ming has more in store for all his listeners. He is focused, hungry, driven and strives to improve himself as a musician daily.

“Some have compared me to Lupe Fiasco or Cassidy,” said Ming. “I am a real artist. I do this for the passion, this is my art... it’s fresh, original, creative and it’s me! I sound like Ming.” It is easy to expect a certain image from Ming’s material since the majority is his YouTube videos of his lyrics over industry instrumentals. However, A.M.O.W. speaks differently.

“If there was any doubt; this project is going to force people to step up their game, watch what they say and eat their words,” Artis said. Download A.M.O.W. for free at and check out for information on the mix tape release date as well as their “BSU Presents: BNE” concert footage.

This is a May 2011 issue and for more info please visit

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Quick Instructional Video on How to Scan QR Barcodes in Shin-B's "Get Up And Go" Interactive Music Video with the Beautiful & Lovely Cecilia "Cc" :)

How to Scan QR Barcodes in Shin-B [Get Up And Go] Music Video

Shin-B's [Official Music Video] for her brand new single, “GET UP AND GO,” Directed, Edited, Produced and Shot by Duno Tran of Dusome Productions (DSP) is the first interactive movie videos of it's kind and unlike any other music video ever! So, we need absolutely everyone to start being interactive with it and simply to go crazy and have fun scanning away! After watching the tutorial, you can grab your smart phone or any smart phone and download any free smart phone app for barcode reader/scanner. Then, begin to scan any of the barcode images seen in this music video. Please check out the "RedLaser appplication," it’s free and easy to use, and there are many others out there as well, so whatever app you have that will suffice! After you scan the images, you will be taken through a variety of mazes, and to cool links.

Most importantly, please stay tuned and updated on everything that is going on with this video and movement because we will be having "Major Contest Giveaways" included FREE PRIZES to all of you to take advantage of! Therefore, all you have to do is keep watching the video because it will continuously change and it will have messages where you need to scan the barcodes to WIN! The prizes are extraordinary you will not REGRET IT :) We are talking about (FREE SMARTPHONES, MAC Computers, and clothing by Korea’s top streetwear brand, FELTICS) and I know you don't want to miss out on that? That's simply EPIC! Ok, have fun and enjoy, hope to talk to some of you winners down the road because prizes from Beautiful Noize Entertainment will be included in here also. Take care and thanks for the support!

Enjoy! Subscribe to Shin-B's Youtube channel: Subscribe to Du Some Productions Youtube channel: Questions or concerns, feel free to contact Director, DuNo Tran or Shin-B, and most of all, spread the video with everyone :) Thanks!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

NEW GROUND BREAKING VIDEO: Shin-B - Get Up And Go [QR Barcode] Directed/Shot/Edited & Produced by DuNo Tran of Du Some Productions! #BestDirectorOut

Music video by Shin-B performing Get Up And Go.

The QR Barcodes in the video are scannable using any free smart phone app barcode reader/scanner. Barcodes are best scanned in 1080p HD.

Directed, Shot, Edited, & Produced by DuNo Tran

Special Thanks to:

Y.J. Gold, Steven Lam, Mike Davis, Jon Covington, M.O.C.I.T.I, Jaquan Barnett, Steven Guistolise, Tamara Lennon, Jasmine Ejan, Melanie Shomo, Nick Cabanas, Tim Banks, Cecilia Lee, Tammy Trihn, Kenny Huynh, Ming Louie, Blake Shin, Quentin Warren, and everyone else who was involved.

We would love you to support and promote the video.

Du Some Productions

Glad to be apart to the video and the movement! #DuSomeProductions

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Sure Thing with Recording Artist Miguel: Recap at the Key Club featuring R&B artist "LazaJuan." Relive the moment here! Article by Monique #Dope



In Los Angeles, many people are trying to live out their dreams and make their imprint in Hollywood. A great example of that dream being fulfilled comes from Los Angeles native, Sony BMG/Jive recording artist Miguel, who headlined at the Key Club, Thursday night. Also in the building were up and coming artists Lysee J, Lazajuan, Mike Vega$, and Nenna Yvonne. Miguel has received many accolades and fans from his hits, All I Want Is You and Sure Thing, and his opening acts appear to be heading in that same direction as well.

The event was sold-out, which means a lot of bodies, and a lot of heat. The first artist to address the crowd was Lazajuan, who dressed in a grey suit with black converse. Lazajuan entered the building with a photog in tow capturing his every move, as to signal to the audience he is somebody to watch out for. Once onstage Lazajuan impressed the crowd with the track, Ur So Gonna Miss Me, and although Lazajuan is an R&B singer, with range similar to John Legend, the crowd later understood why he had on the converse sneakers when he spitted several rap verses throughout his set. Hitting the stage right before Miguel was singer/songwriter Mike Vega$, currently an unsigned artist, who put the hot crowd at ease with his cover of Trey Songz, Can't Be Friends and Jamie Foxx's, Blame It.

With Miguel as the example of how to make it from a local unsigned talent to a headliner, the first lesson was stage presence. Miguel, who is known for his fashion forward style, just as much as for his voice, hit the stage wearing all black everything, highlighted with an all black designer T-shirt with a metallic like design. Fresh haircut, check. Fresh jewelry, check. Custom mic stand, check.

The second lesson; have a great performance with a beginning, middle, and end. Miguel opened the show with Strawberry Amazing a throwback to the days before his major label debut, which the crowd appeared
to appreciate. However, a lot of newer fans know Miguel from his 2007 recording Sure Thing, which is currently topping the billboard charts as the second single from his current debut album, All I Want Is You. After performing Sure Thing, which had the crowd exploding every time he sung in falsetto, Miguel kept it heated with Teach Me, Quickie, and Live Fast Die Young.

While onstage Miguel's every move appeared to be perfected and synchronized even with his guitarists who hit their choreography like pros. Although, Miguel did a good mixed of classic internet favorites and new songs, some in the crowd notably missed the L.A. friendly track, My Piece. As the night ended, Miguel closed the show with a cover of Prince's Little Red Corvette, showing some of his new fans he isn't just a typical R&B singer. Miguel's performance left no question about his ability to sustain longevity in the music industry; the only question is when is the next album coming out?

Overall, the crowd didn't appear to be in an overly party mode, perhaps because it was a Thursday night. However, it did feel like more of a family and friendship atmosphere, as after Miguel left the stage a lot of people gathered outside catching up, or introducing themselves to one another. During his set Miguel advised the crowd to have the balls to be brave and to follow their passion, for many people in crowd, including the opening acts, they showed they have both.

Passion and balls.

Miguel Key Club 4/28/11 Article by Monique. Photo & copyright by: Sausha Anderson
Original source:

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jaquan Barnett aka "Artis" Joins Some of the M.O.C.I.T.I. Brothers in a Mentoring Session w/Students at MLK Elementary on 4/29/11 in Los Angeles, CA!

I really had a great time with the M.O.C.I.T.I. brothers on Friday, April 29th, 2011 at the Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA where we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the students, briefly share some advices and words of wisdom about life, and most importantly speak to the "4th and 5th grade" students, encouraging them to "follow through" and make sure they execute on all of their commitments, tasks and future endeavors to the best of their abilities.

In all actuality, "follow through" stood as the central theme of discussion during our mentoring session, and we stressed the importance of completion, accountability and responsibility. We explained to the students that your words as well as your actions will be critiqued, and when you give your word and commit to something; whether it be school, or any extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, music, etc., people are depending on you to execute and give your very best efforts. So, if a person follows through and executes on a consistent basis, he or she will not only build a great reputation and rapport with others, but will also build trust, dependability and reliability within others, which are positive and well respected qualities that one should possess in life.

Moreover, if one does not "follow through" and honor his or her commitment, there are consequences for his or her actions; malpractices and his or her reputation will not reflect in a positive way. Therefore, he or she will not build a great reputation and rapport with others, it will be much harder for someone to trust your word, and you can be labeled and perceived as an unreliable and irresponsible person. Depending on the circumstance, we also explained to the students that there are certain punishments and consequences that can be enforced for not following through, and for that reason, the positive effects of honoring your commitments and finishing what you start is always the best option for anyone!

Honestly, it was a rewarding experience for me, I am thankful to M.O.C.I.T.I. for providing me with the opportunity to aid and contribute to this movement and I would like to thank and applaud all of the M.O.C.I.T.I. brothers that came to help out in the past, as well as all of the brothers that were in attendance on Friday for their positivity and philanthropy in this process. I will gladly return in the future to assist in anyway possible and will do my best to make more of an imprint in the students lives. Thank you again! -J.B.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Miguel Live In Concert at the Famous Key Club on 4/28/11 w/Opening Act LazaJuan & performances by 'Artis & Q' was a Great all Around Night for Music!

When an artist does a great job, he or she definitely deserves praise and compliments for his or her showcase, so this exclusive shout out is to R&B Sensation "Miguel" and his band for energizing, igniting and simply keeping the ladies and gentlemen entertained the entire night with his music. With no exaggeration, he is an amazing performer, artist and if given the opportunity to support and see him live in concert please take advantage of it! Everyone in the crowd had a great time and we (LazaJuan, Q, Artis, Ming and DJ NahSla) were inspired by his stage presence, singing, and showmanship!

LazaJuan, Q and Artis all had good performances and a great time performing on stage. LazaJuan's had a good set and showcased his versatility as the Heart & Soul Man himself, and he was one of the featured opening acts for Miguel at the famous Key Club on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood, CA! It was definitely a night to remember for us all and we still are inspired at this very moment mixed with the adrenaline rush that an artist endures after a good performance. Going forward, we are putting in crazy work and plan to make this 2011 summer extremely special! Thank you all for your support and please know that every opportunity we get to share our music, it means the world to us! Thank you again! #BNE

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Watch Before The Fame Episode 17 (Part 2) [Concert Edition]. Hotel, BCC campus and Torch arrival! #BehindTheScenes (BNE)

Watch exclusive behind the scenes footage of each Beautiful Noize Entertainment artists as Artis, Big Tone, Ming, Q, DJ NahSla and DuNo Tran of Du Some Productions travel from CA to Paramus, NJ to perform at the 2011 BSU Concert at Bergen Community College (BCC). This is part two of the entire trip, exclusive behind the scenes material and stay tuned for more episodes. #BNE

Friday, April 22, 2011

New B.N.E Article: Crowd Astonished By Students and Hip Hop Label by Perpetua Romain, Editor-In-Chief and Bienvenido J. Mena of the Torch Newspaper!

Headline: Crowd Astonished By Students and Hip Hop Label
SubHeadline: “Black Student Union Presents: Beautiful Noize Entertainment” a Success

The Black Student Union’s Spring Hip Hop Concert has finally been realized. Club leaders came together to create the first inspirational concert produced for the students by the students. The Black Student Union (BSU) and the Student Activities Board (SAB) created a close knit team of workers ensuring the success and progression of the night’s occasion. The many high expectations of the students and main performers were met as the audience expressed pure excitement throughout the show. Indeed, the many capabilities of the students at Bergen Community College continue to grow each and every semester.

This collective effort of talented students, together with California music label, Beautiful Noize Entertainment (BNE), set themselves apart from the events held at Bergen as a new breed of student-enticing activities. The Spring Concert event was initiated to encourage the aspiring student artists of Bergen to showcase their endowments, with an opportunity to emulate the advanced musical experience that BNE exemplifies in their productions.

Director of Student Life, Nestor Melendez said, “This is the way that students should come together and have an eventful night for all.” Bergen may be a two year community college, but student produced events like this paves the way for its active student life to compare to that of a four year institution.

April 6, one day before the concert, Beautiful Noize Entertainment along with student Joey Taylor of Isaac’s Horizon, promoted themselves around campus and interacted with students. Taylor played his acoustic guitar in the cafeteria singing along with BNE label mate and R&B singer Quentin DeAngelo Warren, known as Q. Student, Chris Rowell spent time with them, joining them in a rap cypher; where a massive group of students freestyled in a large circle near the cafeteria. “I had a wonderful experience with them,” said Rowell. “They have a different mindset and it changes your perspective on music. These guys are respectful, intelligent and well educated people.”

The artists of BNE visited the members of the Black Student Union and presented their educational background, opening the floor to questions. BSU members engaged in conversation and inquired about the music industry, their journey within it and what career options are available to them as potential transfer students.

After a meet and greet between all the performing members, a massive preparation was in order, including sound checks, practice runs and the BSU/SAB staff organization. The concert commenced on Thursday, April 7 at 7:30 p.m.

The two amazing hosts, students Amanda “Amjay” Jimenez and Augusto Suarez III, really added energy to the concert. The show began with a step show lead by BCC’s Dance Club and their President, Precious Frazier. Students were impressed, because a step team at Bergen hasn’t been seen. “They were really amazing and well rehearsed,” said student Ronney Garcia.

Ensuing the step was Bergen’s own R&B sensation David Lomax, known as Lomax vi L’Avenir. Lomax’s first song, “Words Not Spoken” is also the name of his album, which drops May 3, 2011. After his first two songs, Lomax welcomed to the stage the last opening musicians, Isaac’s Horizon, for a collaboration act and stellar performance. Lomax sang alongside Amjay Jimenez and student rapper Randy Hale, known as BrandNewJersey. Amjay’s lovely vocals, BrandNewJersey’s verses along with the intense, skilled percussion sequence from Isaac’s Horizon drummer, Chris Gellar complimented Lomax and the crowd enjoyed every minute of the song.

The spotlight was given to Isaac’s Horizon, who performed a funky tune followed by a calming melodic composition. Student and lead guitarist Johnnez Pantinilla showed his amazing guitar skills that had everyone gasping. Taylor won the crowd over with his lead vocals, along with student Richard Maddolin playing bass. It was truly apparent that this band worked impressively hard on their music.

The time for the feature presentation arrived as the artists of Beautiful Noize Entertainment; Artis, Ming, Big Tone and Q took the stage as the audience welcomed them enthusiastically. BNE’s DJ, AlShan Barnett known as DJ NahSla carried the music, while their cinematographer DuNo Tran of DuSome Productions remained the man behind the camera.

They began with a tribute to their label mate Madison Kaine, who unfortunately could not be present. The rapid lyrical skills of Kaine were shown from a video of the artists advocating for HIV/AIDS awareness, as well as audio clips of his music. The audience connected instantly to BNE and stood up to Artis’ opening song, “Peace” from his mixtape, “Raising The Bar.”

Ming Chun Louie, BNE’s premier label mate and You-Tube sensation, had the audience in a daze with unreleased songs from his upcoming mixtape, “A.M.O.W. –A Man of Words.” He performed “Over My Head” and “Wet,” both featuring Q, whose angelic voice melted the hearts of everyone in the room. Though many students expressed that Ming reminds them of rapper, Cassidy, his delivery of concepts and punchlines are unique and enlightening that sets him apart from any other underground rapper in the Asian community.

Anthony Soil, known as Big Tone, lit up the stage with tracks from his mixtape, “Mic Theory.” BNE’s high energy showcase peaked over an hour and the audience stood up in amazement the entire show. Everyone in attendance cheered in awe and went especially wild over Tone’s song, “Perpetrators” featuring Artis. This had the crowd chanting repeatedly with the onstage emcees, “I was taught speak up if they ain’t real as us!” The track “Poor Boy” from “Raising The Bar” had the entire audience dancing uncontrollably and their last song, “Movement” from “Mic Theory” bestowed energy so great, that people ran up on stage to dance.

BSU Secretary and BNE Concert’s Head Producer, Perpetua Romain said, “I’m so glad to see everything come together. Every person in the room had a glowing smile on their face and said they had the best time.”

BNE CEO and emcee Jaquan Barnett, known as Artis said, “I had a great time. Aside from my performance, befriending all the talent was my favorite part. I understand students were conflicted with night classes; I recommend that students always put their education first because it is the top priority. I hope this will encourage other aspiring students at BCC to take the opportunity to perform at other events taking place on campus.”

Hopefully, the talent at Bergen keeps growing to make the school and students successful, for this truly was a night to remember. “Beautiful Noize with a ‘z’ to end things all,” said student Daniel H. Lee. “I hope to see their return soon so that everyone can enjoy this exhilarating experience.”

This is a April 2011 issue and for more info please visit

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Watch Before The Fame Episode 17 (Part 1) [Concert Edition]. BNE Travels from CA to NJ to perform at the 2011 BSU Spring Hip Hop Concert! #BNEMovement

Watch exclusive behind the scenes footage of each Beautiful Noize Entertainment artists as Artis, Big Tone, Ming, Q, DJ NahSla and DuNo Tran of Du Some Productions travel from CA to Paramus, NJ to perform at the 2011 BSU Concert at Bergen Community College (BCC). This is part one of the entire trip, exclusive behind the scenes material and stay tuned for more episodes. #BNE

Saturday, April 9, 2011

B.N.E Concert Press Release by BCC: "Bergen Students Collaborate with West Coast Musicians". A Big Thank You to Everyone Involved Period! #Honored

Spend an evening enjoying the music of local homegrown musicians and performers.

Bergen Community College’s Black Student Union, in association with the Student Activities Board, is hosting a concert on Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. in the Gymnasium on the College’s main campus in Paramus. Performers include Bergen student and singer David Lomax, local funk-band Isaac’s Horizon, the College’s Dance Club, and Beautiful Noize Entertainment, a California-based record label comprised of R&B artists and emcees.

David Lomax, of Hackensack, is a singer, songwriter and musician. His music features a unique blend of various styles including hip-hop, rock, pop, classical and R&B. Mr. Lomax will release his first album “Words Not Spoken” on April 20, 2011. Last year, he was the opening act for Earth, Wind and Fire at the Bergen Performing Arts Center. He also has performed at Carnegie Hall.

Isaac’s Horizon, comprised of Bergen music students, is a funk band based in Bergen County. They have performed throughout the area including venues in Manhattan, Queens, Coney Island and Asbury Park.

The College’s Dance Club features 30 students, specializing in performance and choreography. Dance styles range from ballet, theater dance, jazz, yoga, flamenco, ballroom and hip-hop. The Dance Club has performed at other College events including Black History Month and Women’s History Month celebrations as well at Hackensack University Medical Center’s “Tomorrow’s Children Pediatric Oncology Unit.”

Beautiful Noize Entertainment (BNE) features several artists including Artis, Big Tone, LazaJuan, Madison Kaine, Ming and Q. BNE’s mission is to entertain audiences by performing songs that emphasize important societal messages to uplift communities and encourage change in the world.

Tickets are $7 for general admission and $5 for Bergen students, and can be picked up at the College’s Student Life Office, Room A-115 , on the main campus in Paramus. Tickets also will be sold at the door on the night of the concert.

Bergen Community College ( based in Paramus is a public two-year coeducational college, enrolling nearly 17,000 students at locations in Paramus, the Philip J. Ciarco Jr. Learning Center in Hackensack and Bergen Community College at the Meadowlands in Lyndhurst. The College offers associate degree, certificate and continuing education programs in a variety of fields.

The show was great, we had a blast from the day we landed; to the promo at BCC on Wednesday April 6th, 2011, the performance night on April 7th, 2011 to the next evening we left back to CA on April 8th, 2011! Shout outs to the entire Black Student Union (BSU) for welcoming, promoting and featuring us as the feature presentation of the BSU Concert, the Student Activities Board (SAB) for their involvement, aid and hospitality, all the opening act performers, Isaac's Horizon, David Lomax, BrandNewJersey, the BCC Dance Club we loved your performances, you all are talented and we will continue to stay in contact most definitely, was great meeting you.

Shout outs to the amazing hosts Amjay Jimenez and Agusto Suarez, your energy, delivery and performance was great! Thank you for a great introduction and ending, you did your thing. Special Shout outs to our Director of Publicity Perpetua Romain, this would not have happened without you! We are deeply appreciative and we all thank you for setting this up so we can display our talent. We hope we made you proud and met your expectations. #PR and #PR literally!

Lastly, thank you to anyone else that had a hand in the budgeting to bring us across the county from CA to NJ, taking care of our travels, hotel services, catering, promotions around campus, press, performing and letting us interact with the students freely on campus. We hope we inspired some of students as well as encouraged some to follow his or her dreams, to be active and remain productive at all times. Life is what you make it, so never stop pursuing your dreams and goals ever. Looking forward, we will definitely love to return and perform again in the near future and make the event even bigger! We thank you so much for having us and thank you to all the students at BCC, our supporters, family, friends, fans, and new fans that came out to support and enjoyed the show. We love you and our movement wouldn't be as strong as it is without your support. Thanks a Million! (BNE)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Watch the NEW "Coke Commercial Spec" Directed by Nick Martin. Producers DuNo Tran & Steven Lam of (DSP) & Starring Artis, Ming, Y.J Gold and More!

Synopsis: An older gentleman tries to exercise at a local park and gets discouraged that he's physically past his prime. However, with the assistance of Coke, he re-energizes his life!

Directed by Nicholas Martin
Produced by Steven Lam, DuNo Tran

- Mike Agresta: Older Gentleman
- Christopher Troy: Younger Gentleman
- Gig Glynn: Woman w/ Coke
- Melanie Shomo: Jogger
- Steve Guistolise: Workout Strong Man
- Y.J Gold: Study Group Member 1
- Jaquan Barnett: Study Group Member 2
- Ming Chun Louie: Study Group Member 3

Music: Shin-B - "Gotta Move, Gotta Groove"

We definitely had a great time, appreciate the collaborations always and glad to support others being productive. We would def like to thank the entire cast that assisted and was apart of this. Met a lot of great people and will definitely remain in contact with you. Hope you all watching enjoy the commercial. (BNE)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Beautiful Noize Concert Article "Beautiful Noize Is Coming" by Perpetua Romain, Editor-In-Chief of The Torch BCC Student Newspaper! Read Below #Superb

Get ready for the most exciting spring event Bergen has ever seen. For the first time ever, Bergen Community College is hosting a student produced concert and it truly has been long awaited. The Black Student Union (BSU) in association with the Student Activities Board (SAB) presents Beautiful Noize Entertainment, live in concert on April 7th at 7:30 p.m. in the gymnasium, featuring various opening performances by our very talented Bergen students.

Beautiful Noize Entertainment is an independent record label based in Burbank, California. Founded in 2009 by CEO Jaquan Barnett and Alshan Barnett, it is currently comprised of four emcees and two R&B singers including our upcoming guests, Artis, Big Tone, Ming, Madison Kaine and Q. These members are focused on creating a movement of independent music, designed to uplift communities as well as encourage change in our society.

Since the massive distribution of their released mix tapes, Artis- “Raising The Bar” and Big Tone- “Mic Theory,” that took place at Bergen on December 15, 2010 by members of the BSU, this concert has been talked about for months. With the aid and guidance of the Office of Student Life, this event will definitely be exactly what the students need to officially welcome in the spring.

Students who attend this Spring Hip Hop Concert 2011 are truly in for a treat. When you mix in special hosts Augusto Suarez and the lovely Amjay Jimenez, you know the show will be spectacular. Starting off the show will be Precious Frazier, president of BCC’s Dance Club, along with her team of dancers. They will be performing crowd pleasing pieces along with a step show. “We are very excited to perform in front of the students,” said Frazier. The Dance Club has been preparing for this event since the commencement of the spring semester. Their performance at this concert is but a mere prelude to their own concert event, taking place the very next night in Ender Hall Lab Theater.

Our next Bergen student performers will be R&B sensation, David Lomax, known as Lomax vi L’Avenir along with Randy Hale, known as BrandNewJersey. Lomax has performed at many events hosted by Bergen including the recent Black Business Summit, hosted by Hot 97’s Uncle Ralph McDaniels, as well as a show at the Bergen Performing Arts Center. “It would be really cool to open up for Beautiful Noize,” said Lomax. “My favorite song is [Artis’] Feel Me.” Lomax will be singing tracks off his upcoming album, “Words Not Spoken,” which drops April 20th.

Closing off the opening acts for the main event is our very own Bergen Band, Isaac’s Horizon. Isaac’s is a heavy funk band, known for their high energy shows and technical proficiency. They’ve performed all over the New York and New Jersey area including colleges such as Montclair State University, Spokane Community College, the State University of New York and our home, BCC. With Chris Gellar on the drums and Bergen students Richard Maddolin on the bass/backing vocals; Johnnez Pantinilla playing lead guitar/backing vocals and Joey Taylor on guitar/lead vocals, you can be sure to feel the funk from the speakers. Isaac’s incorporates new stylistic elements while tying them together into a fluid core of progressive groove. “It’s an honor to perform for BSU and Beautiful Noize,” said Taylor. “I heard their music and they have some really good stuff.”

Finally, the highly anticipated main event; Artis will take the stage with his label mates and DJ NahSla to move the crowd with favored tracks off their released mix tapes as well as unreleased tracks, said to truly motivate and excite the audience with real Hip Hop. This concert offers something for everyone; students, alumni, faculty, family. What better way to support the unity and production efforts of the Bergen student body other than to attend? Tickets are on sale in the Office of Student Life at $5 for students and $7 for general admission. For more information about our California guests, to view their music videos or to download the free mix tapes to familiarize yourself with the deep passionate music, visit This is a concert you definitely don’t want to miss.

This is a March 2011 issue. Photo by Dawn Foster and please visit for more info.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Watch Before The Fame Episode 16 (Part 2) "The Million Dollar Car". Wrapped things up in AZ w/Lady Maverick & cruised through Beverly Hills, CA! #BNE

Watch Before the Fame Episode 16 (Part 2) as Artis, Big Tone, Madison Kaine, Ming, Q and DuNo Tran of Du Some Productions wrap up their trip to AZ! Worked on a HUGE Project in AZ with the amazing Lady Maverick and then traveled back to LA. Also, witness a mini-tour down the famous "Rodeo Drive" in Beverly Hills, CA with Artis and Ming. #Hilarious as we showcase the EPIC Bugatti. #GoodTimes (BNE)

PS. Check out LIVE IN CONCERT on April 7th, 2011 at 7:30pm in the Bergen Community College Gymnasium and tickets can be purchased at the BCC Student Life office & tickets will be sold at the door. Ticket Prices include: $5 for Students & $7 for General Admissions. See you all there! (BNE)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Black Student Union in Association w/Student Activities Board Presents B.N.E. ft. performances by BCC Dance Club, Isaac's Horizon & Lomax vi L'Avenir

Black Student Union in Association with the Student Activities Board Presents Beautiful Noize Entertainment (Artis, Big Tone, Madison Kaine, Ming & Q) performing live with featured performances by the BCC Dance Club, Isaac's Horizon & Lomax vi L'Avenir. The Concert is on April 7th, 2011 at 7:30pm in the Bergen Community College Gymnasium and tickets can be purchased at the BCC Student Life office & tickets will be sold at the door. Ticket Prices include: $5 for Students & $7 for General Admissions. See you there! (BNE)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Watch Before the Fame Episode 16 (Ming's 1st Arrival to the West Coast, BNE All Together, The Lovely Lady Maverick, AZ & More) #TheEpisodesAreBack

Watch Before the Fame Episode 16 where each Beautiful Noize Entertainment artist as Artis, Big Tone, Madison Kaine, Ming and Q travel together to Arizona to meet up with the one and only Lady Maverick! We hold her down in our BNE fam because she represents the true definition of a female emcee/artist that is purely multi-talented in singing, rapping and dancing! Much respect to LM always!

We are currently in collaborations working on something big, so we did some recording in AZ, photo shoots, bonded so much more and had a great night out enjoying our leisure time as artists. History was made as everyone finally united together and continue to follow us on our journey towards success. #BeforeTheFame, sorry for the Hiatus for all those that have been waiting/supporting us, we have been busy working hard for you all and our episodes are back (BNE).