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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from B.N.E.

Happy Thanksgiving! On this day, more than anything is a time that we have say Thank You for the support and love that you have shown us. I know we are prone to writing messages of this nature, but we would not be where we are if it wasn't for you taking the time to check out our music, refer it to friends/family members, play our music, comment, subscribe to our pages, read our posts and so much more. Your support means absolutely everything to us and we can only hope to keep it intact. Please have a wonderful day, a blessed meal and spend this time with loved ones that you are Thankful for. May you have a blessed day, and always known that the love you show us will always be reciprocated. (BNE)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Beautiful Noize Ent. Update - November 2010: PSA Project w/Du Some Productions, Beautiful Months & More

Dear Everyone,

A lot of things have been in motion that past 2 Months for us, and we have been severely busy. We shot a Public Service Announcement for HIV/AIDS with Du Some Productions and the project is very involved, detailed, extremely educational and filled with messages all aimed to raise awareness about these pandemic diseases. We will be releasing the PSA soon enough for everyone to check out and share with another friend, family member and more. We shot behind the scenes footage as well so we shall showcase that later. We also have other projects lined up with Du Some Productions for the 2011 year so we are keeping busy. Productivity is our focus, and we haven't slowed down.

Also, as far as BNE is concerned, we also have "Beautiful Months" in effect right now and for those that do not know, Beautiful Months is the RELEASE of EACH Beautiful Noize Ent. ARTIST MIXTAPES. These mixtapes contain features from each member of Beautiful Noize Entertainment and the 1st to start off Beautiful Months was Big Tone with the release of his "Mic Theory" Mixtape and Mic Theory Promo Trailer on 9.28.10. I, (Artis) have several features on Big Tone's Mixtape, Madison Kaine is on 3 tracks, Ming and Quentin are featured on a couple so make sure you download that if you are in need of new material from myself and everyone else. Madison Kaine is next to release his "Grim Greetingz" Mixtape coming soon, which again, BNE artists will be featured on his project as well. Ming is up after Madison Kaine and I am currently working on the producing of it as well. I will also be dropping a project entitled, "Elevation" aka Raising the Bar 2, so yes I will be hitting you with a new project for the 2011 year. I figured that I would update you all for now and please look out for all of the new music we are creating for you, our PSA and so much more from BNE & DSP. Stay tuned for more updates here on the Blog. Take Care, God Bless! - Artis

Monday, November 15, 2010

Artis - Real Recognize Real ft. Big Tone Music Video [Repost] Be sure to get Big Tone's "Mic Theory" Mixtape which is Available for Free Download Now

Artis - Real Recognize Real ft. Big Tone Music Video [Repost] off the "Artis - Raising the Bar" Mixtape and of course Download Big Tone's "Mic Theory" Mixtape now which features BNE Artists as Artis, Ming, Madison Kaine and Quentin. Here is the direct link "" and watch the Big Tone - Mic Theory Trailer if you have not all ready as well at "" (BNE)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010