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Friday, January 28, 2011

Ming's Insightful Consciousness in "The Uni-Verse" is Where Intelligence Meets Music! He Delivers Pure Lyricism & Profound Metaphors. Press Play #BNE

I wanna BE, a worthy person 1st in the Lead
Lead, the nervous who be urging to BEE, FREE
Preserving the Deserving a seat
and to FEED any person who be thirsty too/to see
Observing the surface Earth is a Sea
The clouds plow the piles, disturbing the peace/piece
Of the Puzzle, a puddle, emerging with speed
Mach 6, spotless, you can learn what it breathes
Breed, to produce in a booth to a beat/beet
Seek a reed you recede to proceed
BE, the only sun/son lonely in space,
Away from the grays/greys and focus on Rays
Coasting a way while floating astray
Be the ghost of the quotes so the folks wanna pray/prey
Show for the PRO's, PROvide for the CON's(VICTS/VICKs)
In eCONomy sits in the CON-SCIENCE
with anologys CONflicts bother me, CONscious honesty
CONtext policies, CONnecting the CONtent with THIS COSMOLOGY
CONsistency can see where the knowledge BE
Let the GLOBES revolve a round, and round a smile
On the frowns that tease us
A hurt Uni-Verse what about a Jesus, about to LEAVE US
on route to CETUS
and how to SEE US in lights of good
If we strike the wood and ignite the wood
Inviting frictions swift likelihood
In turn for us to burn like it should
Then it cools, over night to noon
Then keeps it's cool as I brighten MOONS
it's the way of the GLOBE and the praise of our souls
all ages to old in the WAKE of our dome
Each way we have chose each way we have KNOWN
Embracing the KNOWN in the CAVE of our DOME
True Lies UNIFIED verses UNFOLD
Through the skies, you realize what is UNKNOWN! -Ming