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Monday, May 16, 2011

Q to perform the role of "Stool Pigeon" this evening in "KING HEDLEY II" by August Wilson. Directed by the Famous "James Avery" & Produced by Q.

Performance Information
What: KING HEDLEY II by August Wilson
Where: California Institute of the Arts E400, 24700 McBean Parkway, Valencia, CA
When: Monday, May 16, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Tickets: Free Admission, if interested please email Quentin Warren at or contact him on the "KING HEDLEY II" Facebook event page to reserve tickets if you can attend. Link is provided here:

KING HEDLEY II by August Wilson: Revisits Violence Outbreak of 1980s

“Fear motivates us to shoot. To stab. To KILL.” – James Avery

August Wilson’s endearing characters in KING HEDLEY II struggle to tip on the tightrope that is the thin line between life and death. Survival and failure. The death of Aunt Esther, the community’s mother and connection to the past brings a shift in the land. Facing the rise of a new era, one that is extreme, dangerous, and negligent of morals and values, the characters in KING HEDLEY II push to find their place in life’s cycle. “The people need to know the story. See how they fit into it. See what part they play,” proclaims Stool Pigeon, the community’s wise but unappreciated old man.

August Wilson, celebrated playwright, wrote ten plays about the African American experience spanning an entire century—one play per decade. KING HEDLEY II takes place in the 1980s, a time of drug infestation and increase of crime. Wilson is known for writing beautiful language as it captures the natural rhythm and music of the African American spirit and culture. He wrote: “They shout, they argue, they wrestle with love, honor, duty, betrayal; they have loud voices and big hearts; they demand justice, they love, they laugh, they cry, they murder, and they embrace life with zest and vigor…Despite the fact that their relationship to the larger society is one of servitude and marked neglect…The characters remain pointed toward the future, their pockets lined with fresh hope and an abiding faith in their own abilities and their own heroics.” KING HEDLEY II provokes reflection about crime, social identity, and the importance of heritage.

The production will be directed by James Avery, most known for his role as “Uncle Phil” on the classic television show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Avery has a very close relationship to Wilson’s work, as he has performed in a number of the plays. Being an outstanding performer and a valued historian in his own right, CalArts is very pleased to have him as a guest director this season. When asked about his decision to direct the show Avery replied, “I have been wanting to teach for some time now and I am very excited to direct King Hedley II with this talented group of students. I believe history is important and I enjoy facilitating exploration and development in young artists.”

#LifeOfAMogul He works hard, theatre, acting, singing, ect! Simply multifaceted! #Q

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Check out this "Shin-B" Interview with & her Groundbreaking Interactive 'MV' "Get Up And Go" growing fast! Appreciate the support!

Shin - B Get Up And Go [Official Music Video] World Premiere released May 8th, 2011 and was featured in The Torch, Student Newspaper of Bergen Community College as perhaps "the next viral music video?" Only time will tell, but be sure to check out the video if you have not all ready seen it and scan the video with your smart phone utilizing various "QR Code" applications. Please see the blog below for details because there will be prizes that one can win once the video hits 10,000 views so look out for that. We hope that you continue to share the video with friends and family, and that you stay tuned with the progression of Shin-B's music! The video was Directed, Edited, Shot and Produced by DuNo Tran of Du Some Productions, so be sure to check out their work as well. Thanks and take care!

Photo: This is a May 2011 issue and for more info please visit

"Q" EP Article "Are You Ready to Pursue Yours?" by Perpetua Romain, Editor-In-Chief of The Torch Newspaper. Restoring Pure R&B Back to the Game! #BNE

Singer Pull Quote: “In my mind I run away, but my heart tells me to stay, back and forth inside my brain, do I stay or run away?”- Q. In My Mind; “Big Tone- Mic Theory”

Beautiful Noize Entertainment’s (BNE) newest label mate, R&B singer, Quentin DeAngelo Warren (Q) is releasing his first Extended Play (EP) mix tape entitled, “Ready” this summer. It features five tracks of very familiar songs, including an originally produced track.

Q, a 22 year old California resident from Muskegon, Michigan, has performed his version of Eric Benét’s “Sometimes I Cry” at the “Black Student Union Presents: Beautiful Noize Entertainment” Spring Hip Hop Concert on April 7, 2011 here at Bergen Community College. His skillful and emotional performance completely moved the crowd and he won the hearts of the audience.

He first appeared with BNE on labelmate Big Tone’s first mix tape, “Mic Theory,” on “In My Mind ft. Q,” “Good Morning ft. Q and Artis,” and “Movement ft. Artis, JBrown, Madison Kaine, Ming and Q.”

Including “Sometimes I Cry,” this EP will also feature his original tracks “Cowboy,” “Do That Beyoncé,” which is currently up on YouTube and “Good Morning [Remix] ft. Artis and Big Tone.” With some tracks produced by A’lan and one by Artis, this mix tape will prepare Q’s listeners for what he has in store for the future.

Q is planning on taking all his listeners back to the days when music lovers got more bang for their buck when purchasing albums. He plans to release his first solo album entitled, “The Pursuit,” which features about 20 tracks and his goal is to have you “overdose on music.”

The concept of the Pursuit is all from his personal experience, which was originally called “catharsis,” set to depict him purging his emotions. “The Pursuit is more fitting,” said Q. “I want people to feel me and be there with me in the songs I sing.” The title was inspired from the film, “The Pursuit of Happyness.” In the movie, it was explained that happiness is something you pursue but can never attain. “Everyone is always in pursuit of something… if you pursue love and lose it, you are now in the pursuit of moving on,” Q said.

All music lovers have something to gain from listening to both “Ready” and “The Pursuit.” “I want everyone to realize that you have to be ready to take on the responsibility that comes with the pursuit of your dreams,” said Q. “That’s something I had to learn and still am.”

Tracks from The Pursuit will feature members from BNE, including Artis, Ming and Big Tone. Download “Ready” the EP on and check out for information on the EP release date as well as the “BSU Presents: BNE” concert footage.

This is a May 2011 issue and for more info please visit

Ming "A Man of Words" Mixtape Article "Staking Claim on the Game" by Perpetua Romain, Editor-In-Chief of The Torch Newspaper. #HighlyAnticipated (BNE)

Hip Hop Artist Pull Quote- “What lies beneath the truth/ lies deceive a few/ guys believe in gods/ crime misleading you,” -Ming. The Truth; “Artis- Raising The Bar”

Get your stereos locked and loaded because your summer is about to be fire! Beautiful Noize Entertainment (BNE) label mate, Ming, is ready to drop his highly anticipated first mix tape, (pronounced ammo) “A.M.O.W.— A Man of Words.” This serves as BNE’s third mix tape release, ensuing Anthony Soil’s “Big Tone- Mic Theory,” which released September 2010.

Ming Chun Louie, resident of Sicklerville, New Jersey, is a 23 year old multifaceted lyricist, with mind boggling concepts and brilliant punch lines. He has several videos out on YouTube under his channel “Chirlakato” and has become an absolute sensation. He appeared in his first music video, “Artis- All In Vain ft. Ming,” which has claimed ample success on YouTube. He has been featured on both BNE mix tapes, “Artis- Raising The Bar” and “Big Tone- Mic Theory” which includes BNE’s anthem, “Movement” on Big Tone’s “Mic Theory.”

A.M.O.W. features in house production of about 15 tracks by CEO and Producer Jaquan Barnett, known as Artis, as well as DJ and Producer AlShan Barnett, known as NahSla. Artis shows a strong presence on seven tracks, Big Tone features on two tracks and R&B singer, Quentin De’Angelo Warren, known as Q, brands his voice on six tracks. LazaJuan, featured on “Artis- Beaches ft. Lazajuan” surfaces onto A.M.O.W. and BNE’s newest featured artist, singer/songwriter and female emcee Lady Maverick appears on “I Want You For Me ft. Q.”

A.M.O.W. gives the true definition of who Ming is; real and truly a man of many words. It tells about his personal life, friends, family, relationships and the music industry. This mix tape shows the kind of mindset Ming possesses, his lyrical progression, how success driven he is as an emcee and is completely different than the videos he has put out on YouTube. This diverse project shows a side of Ming you have never seen.

Ming performed his unreleased tracks, “Wet ft. Q” and “Over My Head ft. Q” at the “Black Student Union Presents: Beautiful Noize Entertainment” Spring Hip Hop Concert, here at Bergen Community College on April 7, 2011. Bergen students took a liking to these tracks and can definitely enjoy “Keep Ya Head Up ft. Artis,” “Blank Pages ft. Q” and “Be Like That ft. Q,” a track that everyone can relate to.

Everyone has experienced a betrayal in friendship and Ming connects with his listeners when he recites, “I thought from the start we were in this together/ But it’s your fault we’re apart since you didn’t endeavor/ Man our friendship was severed ‘cause you committed to cheddar/ Thinkin’ you’re livin’ it better but you ain’t livin’ forever.”

A.M.O.W. features a message for everyone to either relate to, or learn from. As an artist, Ming has improved his art form, his concepts, flow and delivery. “You can hear his progression as a rap artist,” said Artis. “After listening to A.M.O.W., you will see that he is a force to be reckoned with. This is just the beginning.”

For those who have enjoyed Ming’s features on BNE’s projects, videos and performances, you’re in for a real treat once you insert this mix tape in your stereo. It is the project of the summer 2011 and Ming has more in store for all his listeners. He is focused, hungry, driven and strives to improve himself as a musician daily.

“Some have compared me to Lupe Fiasco or Cassidy,” said Ming. “I am a real artist. I do this for the passion, this is my art... it’s fresh, original, creative and it’s me! I sound like Ming.” It is easy to expect a certain image from Ming’s material since the majority is his YouTube videos of his lyrics over industry instrumentals. However, A.M.O.W. speaks differently.

“If there was any doubt; this project is going to force people to step up their game, watch what they say and eat their words,” Artis said. Download A.M.O.W. for free at and check out for information on the mix tape release date as well as their “BSU Presents: BNE” concert footage.

This is a May 2011 issue and for more info please visit

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Quick Instructional Video on How to Scan QR Barcodes in Shin-B's "Get Up And Go" Interactive Music Video with the Beautiful & Lovely Cecilia "Cc" :)

How to Scan QR Barcodes in Shin-B [Get Up And Go] Music Video

Shin-B's [Official Music Video] for her brand new single, “GET UP AND GO,” Directed, Edited, Produced and Shot by Duno Tran of Dusome Productions (DSP) is the first interactive movie videos of it's kind and unlike any other music video ever! So, we need absolutely everyone to start being interactive with it and simply to go crazy and have fun scanning away! After watching the tutorial, you can grab your smart phone or any smart phone and download any free smart phone app for barcode reader/scanner. Then, begin to scan any of the barcode images seen in this music video. Please check out the "RedLaser appplication," it’s free and easy to use, and there are many others out there as well, so whatever app you have that will suffice! After you scan the images, you will be taken through a variety of mazes, and to cool links.

Most importantly, please stay tuned and updated on everything that is going on with this video and movement because we will be having "Major Contest Giveaways" included FREE PRIZES to all of you to take advantage of! Therefore, all you have to do is keep watching the video because it will continuously change and it will have messages where you need to scan the barcodes to WIN! The prizes are extraordinary you will not REGRET IT :) We are talking about (FREE SMARTPHONES, MAC Computers, and clothing by Korea’s top streetwear brand, FELTICS) and I know you don't want to miss out on that? That's simply EPIC! Ok, have fun and enjoy, hope to talk to some of you winners down the road because prizes from Beautiful Noize Entertainment will be included in here also. Take care and thanks for the support!

Enjoy! Subscribe to Shin-B's Youtube channel: Subscribe to Du Some Productions Youtube channel: Questions or concerns, feel free to contact Director, DuNo Tran or Shin-B, and most of all, spread the video with everyone :) Thanks!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

NEW GROUND BREAKING VIDEO: Shin-B - Get Up And Go [QR Barcode] Directed/Shot/Edited & Produced by DuNo Tran of Du Some Productions! #BestDirectorOut

Music video by Shin-B performing Get Up And Go.

The QR Barcodes in the video are scannable using any free smart phone app barcode reader/scanner. Barcodes are best scanned in 1080p HD.

Directed, Shot, Edited, & Produced by DuNo Tran

Special Thanks to:

Y.J. Gold, Steven Lam, Mike Davis, Jon Covington, M.O.C.I.T.I, Jaquan Barnett, Steven Guistolise, Tamara Lennon, Jasmine Ejan, Melanie Shomo, Nick Cabanas, Tim Banks, Cecilia Lee, Tammy Trihn, Kenny Huynh, Ming Louie, Blake Shin, Quentin Warren, and everyone else who was involved.

We would love you to support and promote the video.

Du Some Productions

Glad to be apart to the video and the movement! #DuSomeProductions

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Sure Thing with Recording Artist Miguel: Recap at the Key Club featuring R&B artist "LazaJuan." Relive the moment here! Article by Monique #Dope



In Los Angeles, many people are trying to live out their dreams and make their imprint in Hollywood. A great example of that dream being fulfilled comes from Los Angeles native, Sony BMG/Jive recording artist Miguel, who headlined at the Key Club, Thursday night. Also in the building were up and coming artists Lysee J, Lazajuan, Mike Vega$, and Nenna Yvonne. Miguel has received many accolades and fans from his hits, All I Want Is You and Sure Thing, and his opening acts appear to be heading in that same direction as well.

The event was sold-out, which means a lot of bodies, and a lot of heat. The first artist to address the crowd was Lazajuan, who dressed in a grey suit with black converse. Lazajuan entered the building with a photog in tow capturing his every move, as to signal to the audience he is somebody to watch out for. Once onstage Lazajuan impressed the crowd with the track, Ur So Gonna Miss Me, and although Lazajuan is an R&B singer, with range similar to John Legend, the crowd later understood why he had on the converse sneakers when he spitted several rap verses throughout his set. Hitting the stage right before Miguel was singer/songwriter Mike Vega$, currently an unsigned artist, who put the hot crowd at ease with his cover of Trey Songz, Can't Be Friends and Jamie Foxx's, Blame It.

With Miguel as the example of how to make it from a local unsigned talent to a headliner, the first lesson was stage presence. Miguel, who is known for his fashion forward style, just as much as for his voice, hit the stage wearing all black everything, highlighted with an all black designer T-shirt with a metallic like design. Fresh haircut, check. Fresh jewelry, check. Custom mic stand, check.

The second lesson; have a great performance with a beginning, middle, and end. Miguel opened the show with Strawberry Amazing a throwback to the days before his major label debut, which the crowd appeared
to appreciate. However, a lot of newer fans know Miguel from his 2007 recording Sure Thing, which is currently topping the billboard charts as the second single from his current debut album, All I Want Is You. After performing Sure Thing, which had the crowd exploding every time he sung in falsetto, Miguel kept it heated with Teach Me, Quickie, and Live Fast Die Young.

While onstage Miguel's every move appeared to be perfected and synchronized even with his guitarists who hit their choreography like pros. Although, Miguel did a good mixed of classic internet favorites and new songs, some in the crowd notably missed the L.A. friendly track, My Piece. As the night ended, Miguel closed the show with a cover of Prince's Little Red Corvette, showing some of his new fans he isn't just a typical R&B singer. Miguel's performance left no question about his ability to sustain longevity in the music industry; the only question is when is the next album coming out?

Overall, the crowd didn't appear to be in an overly party mode, perhaps because it was a Thursday night. However, it did feel like more of a family and friendship atmosphere, as after Miguel left the stage a lot of people gathered outside catching up, or introducing themselves to one another. During his set Miguel advised the crowd to have the balls to be brave and to follow their passion, for many people in crowd, including the opening acts, they showed they have both.

Passion and balls.

Miguel Key Club 4/28/11 Article by Monique. Photo & copyright by: Sausha Anderson
Original source: