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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Du Some Productions is on the Rise!

BIG NEWS for our director DuNo Tran, Steven, & Y.J. of Du Some Productions as Michelle Phan, the Professional Makeup Artist just added them to HER LIST OF AWESOME CHANNELS to CHECK OUT on YouTube! She is HUGE on there, (#1 Subscribed of All Time for Gurus), She is Intelligent, Informative as well as Extremely Skilled & Talented at her Artistry so (Ladies Check Her Out Most Importantly!). Please support by Subscribing to her Channel and & Du Some Productions Channel as well. You can check out her link here, "" to watch her AMAZING VIDEOS and also to see the spot Du Some Prod. has recently received. This is rewarding, and B.N.E. is very excited for Du Some. P.S. Our new video with Du Some Productions "Find My Muffin" the Drake - Find Your Love [Official Music Video Parody] is over 70,000 views now in 2 and a half weeks so let’s hit 100,000 in a week or less. Great things are happening for both B.N.E. & Du Some Productions all Praised to God!

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