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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Sure Thing with Recording Artist Miguel: Recap at the Key Club featuring R&B artist "LazaJuan." Relive the moment here! Article by Monique #Dope



In Los Angeles, many people are trying to live out their dreams and make their imprint in Hollywood. A great example of that dream being fulfilled comes from Los Angeles native, Sony BMG/Jive recording artist Miguel, who headlined at the Key Club, Thursday night. Also in the building were up and coming artists Lysee J, Lazajuan, Mike Vega$, and Nenna Yvonne. Miguel has received many accolades and fans from his hits, All I Want Is You and Sure Thing, and his opening acts appear to be heading in that same direction as well.

The event was sold-out, which means a lot of bodies, and a lot of heat. The first artist to address the crowd was Lazajuan, who dressed in a grey suit with black converse. Lazajuan entered the building with a photog in tow capturing his every move, as to signal to the audience he is somebody to watch out for. Once onstage Lazajuan impressed the crowd with the track, Ur So Gonna Miss Me, and although Lazajuan is an R&B singer, with range similar to John Legend, the crowd later understood why he had on the converse sneakers when he spitted several rap verses throughout his set. Hitting the stage right before Miguel was singer/songwriter Mike Vega$, currently an unsigned artist, who put the hot crowd at ease with his cover of Trey Songz, Can't Be Friends and Jamie Foxx's, Blame It.

With Miguel as the example of how to make it from a local unsigned talent to a headliner, the first lesson was stage presence. Miguel, who is known for his fashion forward style, just as much as for his voice, hit the stage wearing all black everything, highlighted with an all black designer T-shirt with a metallic like design. Fresh haircut, check. Fresh jewelry, check. Custom mic stand, check.

The second lesson; have a great performance with a beginning, middle, and end. Miguel opened the show with Strawberry Amazing a throwback to the days before his major label debut, which the crowd appeared
to appreciate. However, a lot of newer fans know Miguel from his 2007 recording Sure Thing, which is currently topping the billboard charts as the second single from his current debut album, All I Want Is You. After performing Sure Thing, which had the crowd exploding every time he sung in falsetto, Miguel kept it heated with Teach Me, Quickie, and Live Fast Die Young.

While onstage Miguel's every move appeared to be perfected and synchronized even with his guitarists who hit their choreography like pros. Although, Miguel did a good mixed of classic internet favorites and new songs, some in the crowd notably missed the L.A. friendly track, My Piece. As the night ended, Miguel closed the show with a cover of Prince's Little Red Corvette, showing some of his new fans he isn't just a typical R&B singer. Miguel's performance left no question about his ability to sustain longevity in the music industry; the only question is when is the next album coming out?

Overall, the crowd didn't appear to be in an overly party mode, perhaps because it was a Thursday night. However, it did feel like more of a family and friendship atmosphere, as after Miguel left the stage a lot of people gathered outside catching up, or introducing themselves to one another. During his set Miguel advised the crowd to have the balls to be brave and to follow their passion, for many people in crowd, including the opening acts, they showed they have both.

Passion and balls.

Miguel Key Club 4/28/11 Article by Monique. Photo & copyright by: Sausha Anderson
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