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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ming - "Smarten Up" - Unreleased From [2010] *NEW* #LyricalRiddles #Bars #Intelligence #SmartenUp #Ming (A.M.O.W.) Coming Soon! [BNE]

Check out "Ming" dropping his alternative version of Lupe Fiasco's "Dumb It Down," a song that was written and sitting on his harddrive since 2010. This version was not uploaded previously due to it's severe profoundness, and there wasn't a visual to aid the lyrical Hip Hop enthusiasts. Well here it is everyone, and there will be no music video shot to this version. With great respect to Ming's supporters, this is the version that Ming decided to put together during his free-time, and share with everyone. This elaborate video enhances and emphasizes on the many homonyms, metaphors, personification, word-play, etc., that is intentionally over-used in his response to Lupe's Dumb It Down content. It offers a parallel insight on his capabilities relative to the context of the satire behind Dumb It Down. Ming put a lot of hard work into this for this to just be a remix that never got mixed but hopefully you enjoy it nonetheless.

Ming's personal recommendations: "I RECOMMEND EVERY ONE PLAY THIS ATLEAST 10 TIMES or you won't really feel the impact of the message being conveyed! No insult to anyone's lyrical knowledge, intelligence or ego's but human minds are not designed to catch this amount of complexity in REAL-TIME through one play......and it's for your benefit to THOROUGHLY enjoy this! But that's just my recommendation. There is literally an incorporation of every possible homonym/homograph for every word I intentionally use to get points across with many hidden messages that WILL go over if you catch one or two, that may not be it. It's a true lyrical riddle." #Ming #AMOW (A Man Of Words) Mixtape by Ming Coming Soon!

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