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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

BNE Music Video [World Premiere] All I Do- Ming feat. Kell Dodge by BNE Publicist Perpetua Romain (@Aionia) of #SignatureHits (@SignatureHits). Amazing Read, Display, Breakdown & Understanding of Ming's #ALLIDo And The Creators Behind The Magic! All She Does Is Write Like You! #Dopeness [BNE]

Everyone has a passion. For some, an innate passion cultivated by intense love and application. That passion soon becomes all someone does with their time, to master their craft. What is it that you do?

Beautiful Noize Entertainment presents Ming’s official music video for his personal track “All I Do” from his latest mix tape “A.M.O.W. (A Man of Words)” featuring Kell Dodge.

All BNE does is “tirelessly work to create music and videos that speak to people” and entertain; clearly shown by the high quality, cinematic production value by CEO & video director Artis (Jaquan Barnett) and video editor Ming (Ming Louie). All I Do showcases a very intimate side of Ming as he expresses his devotion to his art while drawing fervently, creating characters and his own comic book based on Dragon Ball Z. Ming’s heartfelt lyrics and coming-of-age story telling is parallel to DJ NahSla’s (AlShan Barnett) rhythm and intertwines with the visuals seamlessly. Viewers are taken on a transitional road to Ming’s life including childhood, his hometown in Philadelphia, to life in New Jersey.

“Editing this project was not an easy task,” said Ming. “I wouldn’t have trusted any other editor to create this video to catch the concept and paint the picture the way it should be. This is the most simplified-to-the-core track about my life.”

Regardless of the personal origin, All I Do connects with all lovers of any art form. Ming’s featured artist, Kell Dodge, started writing songs at a young age, highly influenced by Motown music. This 23-year-old New Hampshire soul & blues singer “realized a true passion for singing” in 2009 and this became her life.

“Ming’s lyrics on the verses…really are a testament to his artistry and outlook,” said Dodge. “To me, All I Do speaks a lot of truth, and I think everyone can identify with the song. All I do – is sing. But if all you do is write, act, build things, that’s cool too. It’s just about the grind and hustle and putting 150% into your passion.”

“I made the track when Artis and I were still attending the LA Recording School,” said NahSla. “I’ve always loved that song ‘All I Do is Think of You.’ J Dilla used that sample on the album Donuts, it’s called ‘Time: The Donuts of the Heart.’ I loved what he did with it. I just thought that I could bring a little different flavor to the sample. All I Do is music all day, all night… It inspires me. Music is love and it’s all I do.”

“As a creator and producer primarily, I wanted make sure we get as close as possible to bringing out the vision to Ming’s song; that’s my primary focus when entering production for BNE or any one I create for,” said Artis. “I want to come as close to the artist’s vision and to help it come to life, the song, visually & to give the audience a well rounded understanding of the artist, the message, what they convey and display, by any means necessary. Despite what Ming and I endured during music video process, I knew the vision would be great because I have faith in our brand and creativity. All I do is create, like you. That is my mindset, as a creator, I’m willing to play roles in any capacity; director, producer, cinematographer, cameo, feature… I’m willing to go above and beyond to make sure we can execute and produce quality work at the end of the day.”

What is it that you do?
#ALLIDOIS ____________ LIKE YOU


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