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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Artis - All in Vain ft. Ming [Music Video Shoot] is FINISHED!

NahSla, Artis and their Director DuNo Tran of Du Some Productions are back in California! Ming, the first signed artist of "Beautiful Noize Entertainment" is back in New Jersey and they all are proud and thrilled that everything went more than well. Please stay tuned for updates on B.N.E., updates on calendar dates for each artists projects as Ming, Madison Kaine, Big Tone and more from Artis.

Thanks again to all that have supported the label, the movement, the music, each artist and have shown that respect more times over. We appreciate it all, we love it all, and we shall continue to do our best to inspire, and make Beautiful Noize like the label we are. - B.N.E.

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