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Monday, June 13, 2011

Q: "Ready" EP Coming Soon! One more studio session of recording, followed by two more mixing sessions and a release date will be set! Stay Tuned. #BNE

Q's "Ready," EP is almost completed! Post production will resume this week and one more studio session will be conducted as Q wraps up his EP "Ready". We will be shooting his trailer, and photo shoot this week so please stay tuned for more updates here on the blog, & most importantly Q's artist page You can follow him at @QNexBigThing on twitter, and check out his video "Do Dat Beyonce" which has surpassed 30,000 views thus far and counting! The video song was remixed and mastered and will be released on "Ready" and the video will be re-shot as well, honoring the great Beyoncé Knowles! Enjoy this track, and understand that this is only a taste of Q's versatility as an artist, actor, singer, and mogul!

"I wrote dis track out of my love for Beyonce." I loved the Halle Berry last year and so HERE YOU ARE! -Q

Directed by: Jabari A.K. Holder
Co-Directed by: Quentin Warren "Q"
Produced by: Stephen Robertson for Viizion Productions
Music/Lyrics by: A'lan "CJ" Edmonson
Lyrics by: Quentin Warren "Q"
Choreography by: Talibah Aquil
I'm not a rapper. But I had fun! Enjoy! and DO DAT BEYONCE'!

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