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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Q's (EP) "I'm Ready" Official Release Date: 6.28.11 & Q's Article Recap: "Q" EP Article "Are You Ready to Pursue Yours?" by Perpetua Romain. #Q & #BNE

Q aka Quentin DeAngelo Warren's [EP] I'm Ready" is set to release on "6.28.11" so please be sure to check out his "Q" page, and like his page if you have not all ready. On his page you can find updates on Q, his music, progression, future endeavors & much more that he is doing with his Beautiful Noize Entertainment label mates. Only one more mixing session to go & the project will be ready awaiting its release date. For more details, please check the Beautiful Noize Entertainment Facebook page here,, the blog, website, and any other B.N.E. links that are accessible and currently available. We hope that you are excited, and that you enjoy his music. Please know that we will continue to release more music throughout the summer, fall and Q's project is just the beginning. #Q #I'mReady (BNE)

Article Recap: "Q" EP Article "Are You Ready to Pursue Yours?" by Perpetua Romain, Editor-In-Chief of The Torch Newspaper.

Singer Pull Quote: “In my mind I run away, but my heart tells me to stay, back and forth inside my brain, do I stay or run away?”- Q. In My Mind; “Big Tone- Mic Theory”

Beautiful Noize Entertainment’s (BNE) newest label mate, R&B singer, Quentin DeAngelo Warren (Q) is releasing his first Extended Play (EP) mix tape entitled, “I'm Ready” this summer. It features seven tracks of very familiar songs, including an originally produced track.

Q, a 22 year old California resident from Muskegon, Michigan, has performed his version of Eric Benét’s “Sometimes I Cry” at the “Black Student Union Presents: Beautiful Noize Entertainment” Spring Hip Hop Concert on April 7, 2011 here at Bergen Community College. His skillful and emotional performance completely moved the crowd and he won the hearts of the audience.

He first appeared with BNE on labelmate Big Tone’s first mix tape, “Mic Theory,” on “In My Mind ft. Q,” “Good Morning ft. Q and Artis,” and “Movement ft. Artis, JBrown, Madison Kaine, Ming and Q.”

Including “Sometimes I Cry,” this EP will also feature his original tracks “Cowboy,” “Do That Beyoncé,” which is currently up on YouTube and “Wet ft. Ming,” a collaborative song that will also be appear on BNE label mate Ming’s first mix tape, (pronounced ammo) “A.M.O.W.— A Man of Words.” With some tracks produced by A’lan and one by Artis, this mix tape will prepare Q’s listeners for what he has in store for the future.

Q is planning on taking all his listeners back to the days when music lovers got more bang for their buck when purchasing albums. He plans to release his first solo album entitled, “The Pursuit,” which features about 20 tracks and his goal is to have you “overdose on music.”

The concept of the Pursuit is all from his personal experience, which was originally called “catharsis,” set to depict him purging his emotions. “The Pursuit is more fitting,” said Q. “I want people to feel me and be there with me in the songs I sing.” The title was inspired from the film, “The Pursuit of Happyness.” In the movie, it was explained that happiness is something you pursue but can never attain. “Everyone is always in pursuit of something… if you pursue love and lose it, you are now in the pursuit of moving on,” Q said.

All music lovers have something to gain from listening to both “I'm Ready” and “The Pursuit.” “I want everyone to realize that you have to be ready to take on the responsibility that comes with the pursuit of your dreams,” said Q. “That’s something I had to learn and still am.”

Tracks from The Pursuit will feature members from BNE, including Artis, Ming and Big Tone. Download “I'm Ready” the EP on and check out for information on the EP release date as well as the “BSU Presents: BNE” concert footage.

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